Samsung releases new Chromebook in the UK – Galaxy Chromebook Go

If you’ve been looking to buy a Samsung Chromebook in the UK. You would have noticed there were only two models available. The Samsung 4 and the Samsung 4+. Far less of a choice compared to what is available in the USA.

The main reason for this is because Samsung left the laptop market in Europe many years ago. This meant it was impossible to get your hands on any Samsung laptop. Luckily, Samsung changed that decision last year and started selling laptops in Europe again.

The good news is Samsung has just announced a brand new Chromebook release for the UK. You can now get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go. So if you love Samsung and would not even consider owning another brand of laptop. You may be interested in this new model. Then again, you may not. Read on to find out why.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go design

One thing you’ll immediately notice about the Galaxy Chromebook Go is the design. Very similar to the Asus C536 with two colours being used to give it a sexy elegant look. Not as striking as the Asus because they’ve gone with a silver outer casing and black interior.

The Asus uses white and black, which is a much better choice of colours for offering fantastic contrast. That being said, the new Samsung Galaxy Go still looks stunning compared to some other Chromebooks that are available to buy.

samsung galaxy chromebook go
The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go looks great

Made for people on the go

What I do like. This Chromebook has been designed for people on the go. Something I’ve realised myself recently is extremely important to me. You cannot beat a super-slim compact laptop if you need a laptop to take travelling with you.

This makes it perfect for students or anyone who takes their laptops away from their homes on a daily basis. Also, you can buy a configuration of this laptop, which is LTE enabled. This means you can buy a data sim very similar to the type of sim you use with your mobile phone.

This then allows you to easily access the internet on your laptop without worrying about not having an internet connection. No more issues of looking for a WiFi signal or setting up tethering through your mobile phone.

It’s tough enough to take a knock or two

Something that is really important when buying a laptop to use on the move is whether it’s tough enough to take a knock or two. If you accidentally dropped it on the floor or knocked it against a wall, would it still be in working condition?

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go

The good news is the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go has passed the Military MIL-STD-810G test. This means if you accidentally drop your laptop it is tough enough to still work as normal. Really important when you’ve spent a few hundred pounds on a laptop you love.

If you’re looking for a laptop for your kid to take to school. Then this may be a good choice. Knowing it will stand up to any accidents in the classroom will give you some peace of mind. Also, your child would love to show off this laptop to their friends.

All the connectivity you’ll need

One important thing you need to look at when buying a new Chromebook is connectivity. Making sure you can connect all your external devices to your laptop is something you need to check.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go has you covered when it comes to connectivity. You’ve got access to one older type USB A and two newer USB Type-C ports. This means you’ll be able to use all your peripherals without having to worry about compatibility. Also, the USB C ports can also be used to connect an external display or to charge your laptop.

You’ll also find a sim card tray if you want to take advantage of mobile internet. An SD card slot to add further storage at a later date, and a headphone jack. The latest WiFi 6 is also available, which means you’ll get super-fast reliable WiFi. However, you will need a WiFi 6 router to take advantage of this.

Samsung Galaxy Go Performance

This is where it gets a little strange. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go looks like a premium Chromebook. However, when it comes to the performance and display. It’s more like a budget Chromebook. At £399 though it will be competing with mid-range Chromebooks.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go

A strange choice here from Samsung. It appears they are hoping people will choose the stunning looks without considering the performance. It comes with an Intel Celeron processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage.

You’ll be able to easily get most things done with the performance offered. That is the beauty of Chrome OS. You don’t need too much processing power to do most things. I’m just not sure the performance matches the looks of this laptop or the price.

The Display

Samsung has gone for a 14-inch display. A pretty standard display size you see on many laptops. The issue is they’ve also opted for a Standard definition of 1,366 by 768. This would have been fine on a display size of 11.6-inches. However, SD on a 14-inch display isn’t going to look amazing.

Should you buy this Chromebook?

If you’re looking for a Chromebook that comes with the capability of mobile internet. Then this is definitely a great choice. There really aren’t many other Chromebooks available that are LTE enabled.

Also, there is no denying this laptop looks great. If you prefer style over substance it might be the laptop for you. The issue I have is the price. I totally understand that beautiful design costs money.

The problem with this is that the Chromebook is all about offering great design, but completely lacks when it comes to performance and the display. I could deal with the budget processor used, but standard definition on a 14-inch display. I’m sorry, I wouldn’t be in a rush to buy one. It would be like buying a Ferrari with an engine from a Ford Cortina.