Samsung is now selling Chromebooks in the UK again

In 2014 Samsung announced it will no longer sell any type of laptop in Europe. At the time this was disappointing news for anyone who loves the brand. The good news is this is no longer the case and you can now get Samsung laptops, including Chromebooks in the UK. This is great news for anyone who would like more variety when buying a Chromebook in the UK. Until now, we’ve had to watch Samsung release Chromebooks in the USA knowing we can’t get our hands on one.

You could of course always buy a Chromebook from the USA, but then you’d have to consider the complications around import tax. Now that Samsung is selling Chromebooks in the UK we should start seeing these in our shops and online retailers. At the moment I’ve not seen the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook, but there are others available.

This is really good news for the Chromebook. Samsung is such a huge name and is a direct competitor of Apple. If you’re buying a mobile phone and you currently own Apple. It’s most likely going to be a Samsung phone, which would make you consider switching. This could be the same with the Chromebook. Although there are plenty of decent Chromebooks available in the UK. Now that Samsung will be releasing future Chrome OS devices in the UK. May help even more people make the switch to the Chromebook.


We know Samsung had a few issues with the original Samsung Chromebook they released in the USA. This was mainly around the battery not lasting very long, which was due to the amazingly high spec display they used. Since then they’ve released a new model with a more modest display. The new model is still going to attract a lot of people because it offers amazing looks, and is very different from most laptops you can buy.

I’m sure in the future Samsung will be releasing many more Chromebooks that offer something different. Now that these Chromebooks will also be available in the UK and not just the USA; Is a great way of getting more people interested in buying a Chromebook. Samsung is such a popular trusted brand in the UK, and people do tend to buy tech from brands they trust.


I was very sad when Toshiba announced a few years ago it will no longer be making laptops. This wasn’t just in the UK but worldwide. I’ve owned many Toshiba laptops in my lifetime, including the Toshiba Chromebook 2. One thing I love about Toshiba is they always offer an amazing display. I’m just hoping perhaps Toshiba may decide to start making laptops again. That would be a great addition to the Chromebook. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking, but you never know, it may happen.