Samsung Galaxy Chromebook – The new king of Chromebooks

The recent release of the latest Chromebook by Google upset a few people. This is because it was not like the previous Pixelbooks that have been released. Don’t get me wrong the Pixelbook Go is an amazing Chromebook, but it hasn’t pushed Chromebook technology forward like previous models.

This is good in a way because it means the price of the Pixelbook Go is much less than previous versions. So anyone wanting to own a Google Chromebook but found it would hit their pockets too hard. Can now get their hands on a Chromebook made by Google for a lot less than previous Pixelbooks.

This may be good for some but it wasn’t such good news if you were waiting for the next high-spec Chromebook device. Well, you don’t need to worry because Samsung has come to your rescue. Yes, Samsung will soon be launching a Chromebook that will be taking the King of Chromebooks badge.


If you’ve been waiting for the next high-spec Chromebook then you’ll be happy to know it’s just around the corner. The latest high-spec Chromebook to be released in 2020 is from the manufacturer Samsung. We’ve all heard of Samsung and know they’ve made great Chromebooks in the past.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook with AMOLED and 4K display

They’ve also added another name to their Chromebook, which is Galaxy. Yes, the new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook will be available in the USA by the end of the first quarter of 2020. Samsung uses the ‘Galaxy’ brand for some of its best mobile phones and tablets, so they were not about to use it on a Chromebook unless it was going to turn heads.


The first thing you’ll recognise that makes this Chromebook different is the colour. Although, it will be available in silver; it will also be available in a stunningly red. It will also be one of the slimmest devices at 9.9mm and weighing in at just under 2.3 lbs/1.04kg.

  • 10th generation i5 processor
  • up to 16GB RAM
  • 256GB storage
  • AMOLED 4K display
  • two USB Type-C ports
  • Available in red or silver
  • Hybrid 2-in-1 device
  • 2.29lbs/1.04kg
  • RRP $999.99
The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook is a Hybrid

The processor in the entry-level model with be a tenth-generation i5, which is two generations ahead of what the Pixelbook go uses. It will also come with between 8 and 16GB of RAM, which will make it the most powerful Chromebook to date. Put all that processing power with the super-lightweight Chrome OS operating system and you’ll have access to a computer that will cope with anything that you throw at it.

To get the most out of a Chromebook you’ll be wanting to install all of your favourite Android apps. Android apps use your local storage, so you can be limited on how many apps you can install if your Chromebook does not have enough storage. They’ll be no need to worry about that with this device, as it will come with a staggering 256GB of local storage.


You can’t get the badge of King of Chromebooks without an amazing display. Well, that’s just what you’ll get from the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook.

The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook comes with a Stylus

The 13.3-inch display is one of the main talking points of this device. Not only does it boast an AMOLED display. It will also come as standard with a 4K display. That means you’ll get a resolution of 3,840 by 2,160. Put this resolution and the AMOLED display together and you get amazing crisp text and rich vibrant images.

It also comes with a Stylus, which will work great with the device. This is thanks to the Hybrid design, which means it can be used as a laptop or tablet.


If you’ve been waiting for the next high-spec Chromebook then you’d better get saving. The Samsung Galaxy Chromebook will be available in the USA by the end of April 2020 at the latest.

If you’re based in the USA then this is great news. Unfortunately, this isn’t the same for anyone living in the UK, as Samsung left the laptop market in the UK a few years ago.