Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go and 25 GB data sim from Vodafone

When you consider buying a Chromebook something you may not think about is whether it supports LTE. An LTE Chromebook simply means it has a sim card port, which means you can add a data sim.

Adding a data sim to your Chromebook allows you to access the internet from just about anywhere. The advantage of an LTE Chromebook is that you don’t have to worry about using your phone data. It also removes the process of tethering your phone, so your Chromebook can use its data.

If you use your Chromebook regularly whilst away from home then an LTE Chromebook makes perfect sense. Using your phone data is not always convenient and it ends up draining your phone’s battery. At the moment there aren’t many LTE Chromebooks available, which I’m thinking may change in the future.

LTE Chromebook deals

One thing I overlooked when looking at LTE Chromebooks is the buying options it opens up. Because you’d need a data sim to get internet access mobile phone operators will be interested in offering Chromebook and Sim packages.

Very similar to how many people buy their mobile phones. Instead of buying a new phone outright, many people buy them as part of a phone contract. This isn’t for everyone because it can mean over the term of the contract you’ll pay more. However, many people still choose this option because it spreads the cost over the contract.

Samsung Chromebook Go on Vodafone

Who better to team up with Vodafone in the UK other than Samsung. When it comes to getting people to sign up for a 24-month contract. I really do think Samsung has a much better opportunity to make this happen than many other Chromebook manufacturers.

Samsung has a very similar appeal to customers as Apple. They have worked very hard on their brand, which means they have a following of tech fans. The opportunity to get your hands on a Samsung Chromebook and data sim, which you can pay for over a contract term is going to be appealing to many.

Samsung Galaxy Go Chromebook
Samsung Galaxy Go and 25 GB Vodafone Data Sim for £29 per month

I can actually see a vision of the future where this becomes a way for many to get their next laptop. Not everyone has the ability to pay upfront for a new laptop, but they can afford to spread the cost over a 24-month contract. Something I can definitely see as an appealing option for students.

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go

I do really like the idea of buying a Chromebook over a contract period. If I needed to use my Chromebook on a daily basis whilst away from home I’d definitely be interested. It’s a bit of a shame that Vodafone and Samsung have chosen the Galaxy Go. Although it looks the part, I still can’t get over that SD resolution on a 14-inch display.

Putting that particular issue to one side. I really can see a market for Chromebooks being sold over a contract term rather than paying upfront. If you’re interested then you can find out more. This is the page you’ll need for the Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go and Vodafone data sim package.

The Vodafone package

The current deal is paid for over a 24-month period. The monthly cost of £29 gets you a brand new Samsung Galaxy Chromebook Go and a data sim with 25 GB of data. That’s a lot of data to get through each month.

Obviously, you will not want to start steaming PC games using Nvidia Now on your Chromebook. That would use up your 25 GB of data pretty quickly. However, for regular browsing of the internet and catching up on your social media. Then you should hopefully find that 25 GB of data is more than enough.

There is also a one-time upfront cost of £30 when you sign up for the contract. Once done you’ll have a brand new Chromebook, which you’ll be able to use to access the internet without having to use your phone’s data. At the end of the contract, the Chromebook will be yours to keep.