Samsung Galaxy A71 Review

When it comes to buying a mobile phone you get three different types of people. You get the type who wants nothing but the very best with money no object approach. On the other end of the scale, you’ll get someone who wants the cheapest phone you can buy, and who is not too fussed about what it offers. Then you get people in the middle who want the best of both.

The great news is there is now more choice for anyone wanting a great phone, but does not want to spend a fortune to own one. Yes, the mid-range mobile phone market is huge, and there is a good reason for it. You can get some amazing phones in the mid-price sector. All you need to do is know what phones are worth the money.

One manufacturer who is well aware of the increasing popularity of mid-priced phones is Samsung. They had great success with the Galaxy A41, so they are back for a repeat performance with the Samsung Galaxy A71.

Are you on the lookout for your next phone? You want all the specs but without the whopping price tag? Well, if that’s you read on to see if the Galaxy A71 is the next phone you should be buying.


The Galaxy A71 weighs just 179g/0.39lbs and is just 7.7mm thin. It’s pretty lightweight considering the phone comes with a whopping 6.7-inch display. Making this phone perfect for anyone who loves to work with a big screen and ideal for the serious Android gamer.

Whether a large phone is suitable for you is all down to individual preference. If you’ve got really small hands and worried about whether it will be a struggle to hold. Then perhaps that gives you the first clue of whether choosing a phone with a large display is the right choice.

Galaxy A71 build quality
The Galaxy A71 has a great build quality

The good news is the bezels are nice and thin all around the phone, so it’s still pretty easy to hold even with the large display on offer. It’s good to see Samsung has opted for a whole punch style front-facing camera, which means they were able to do away with any large bezel at the top of the phone.

The back of the phone is made of plastic, which is absolutely fine for a mid-priced phone. It also means they’ve managed to keep the weight of the phone low enough to carry about with ease. This is also helped by the nice curved edges making it comfortable to hold for long periods of time.


When you consider the price of the phone you’ll be pretty impressed with the performance on offer. The Octa-core processor, which basically means it runs on eight cores is powerful enough for even the most demanding of tasks. Capable of speeds of up to 2.2GHz the processor is powerful.

When it comes to performance though the processor alone isn’t what makes a phone fast. The RAM is equally as important. Different options are available when choosing the RAM with the cheapest providing 4GB and the more expensive models offering 6GB or even 8GB of RAM.

You’ll find the 4GB of RAM is more than enough for most people. If you spend most of your time internet surfing, using social media, listening to music and streaming HD movies. Then you’ll be absolutely fine with the 4GB of RAM.

If however, you like to spend a lot of your time playing Android games with advanced graphics. Then you may want to spend a little bit more on the 6GB version. You’ll still be able to use Android apps with the 4GB model, but if you’re a serious gamer the more RAM the better. Whether you’d need 8GB of RAM is unlikely for most of us. Unsure how much RAM you need? Find out how much RAM you need for your Android phone.


Today with all the different apps we like to install on our phones. It’s really important to make sure we get a phone with enough storage. The Galaxy A71 comes with 128GB of storage, which is more than enough for most of us.

You’ll be able to install plenty of Android apps, download a few HD movies and quite a few music albums with this amount of storage. It’s unlikely you’d run out of space, but if you did you can always add a further 512GB using the Micro SD Slot available.

Before you even consider having to use an additional SD card though. Find out how much storage you may need for your Android phone. Also, a good way to avoid running out of storage space is to regularly free up space, which is no longer used. Find out how to free up storage space on your Android phone.


The most important thing to consider when buying a phone is how good the display is. You can have all the performance in the world. If the display is horrible to look at it’s unlikely you’ll ever truly love using your phone on a regular basis.

Luckily, when it comes to phone displays, Samsung is pretty good at offering some of the best. The A71 with its 6.7-inch display is simply beautiful. This is thanks to the Super AMOLED display, which Samsung has become famous for.

Samsung Galaxy A71 Super AMOLED display
The phone has a great Super AMOLED display

When the whole front of your phone is taken up by the display. Having a display that makes you go wow is never something you’ll grow tired of. Stunningly crisp text and beautiful vibrant colours are something you’ll grow fond of when using the Galaxy A71 phone.

The display is well-protected thanks to the Corning Gorilla Glass and watching HD movies is something you’ll enjoy. The Galaxy A71 comes with a resolution of 2,400 by 1,080, which is much higher than the resolution needed to offer HD.


The way we use our phones has changed a lot over the years. Having a decent camera is now considered absolutely essential for a lot of us. This is, even more, the case if you regularly use social media and want to share what you come across when you’re out and about.

The Samsung A71 has fantastic camera capabilities, which is really nice to see from a phone from the mid-price market. You get four cameras on the rear of the phone, which may sound like overkill, but all of these lenses helps you take the perfect photo.

The main rear camera comes with a staggering 64-megapixels, which is huge. This provides the most stunningly clear and precise photos. In fact, your friends will be envious of the quality of pics you upload to your social media.

Galaxy A71 camera has four rear camera lenses for great photos
The four rear cameras provides plenty of options for taking great photos

You’ve got the ability to shoot pics in ultra-wide-angle, which will capture more of what you see in front of you. Close up shots bring out the most incredible detail thanks to the Macro camera. If you’re one for taking videos you’ll be interested in the super steady shoots, which makes even adventurous videos easy to shoot.

One of my favourites because it really makes a pic a little more professional looking is the ability to blur out the background. If you’ve ever taken notice of the pictures you see in magazines. Why are you instantly focusing on the one specific part of the pic? Well, it’s most likely because the rest of the pic is blurred slightly. This is done easily with the rear depth camera, and it makes photos look great.


If you’re after a phone, which does not cost a fortune to buy outright or is half the price on a pay monthly contract. Then the Samsung Galaxy A71 is definitely one you should consider.

The great thing is you’d expect a few big compromises being that you’re not buying a high-priced phone. The fact is there are no compromises taken here. This is what’s so exciting about the mid-range phone market right now.

Sure, the high-range phones surely have some little extras, but are they really worth paying double for? The Galaxy A71 is well built and performs extremely well. Enough RAM and storage are available and the camera rocks.

If I was on the lookout for a phone without spending too much money. I’d definitely be considering buying the Samsung Galaxy A71.