Really cheap refurbished Chromebooks

Chromebooks have always been known as being much cheaper laptops compared to Microsoft Windows. This is still the case when you’re looking for a budget Chromebook, but the more high-spec Chrome OS laptops are not necessarily cheap. There are plenty of great budget Chromebooks available in 2021. However, if you’re looking for bargain-basement deals on Chromebooks then you may have to look a little harder.

One way to get your hands on a really cheap Chromebook is to buy a refurbished laptop. I’ve always been a big fan of refurbished technology for two main reasons. The first being that I absolutely hate waste. Whether that is throwing away food from the fridge I did not eat or putting an old laptop in the bin when it’s still got some years in it. The second reason is the responsibility of all of us to try and keep waste to a minimum for environmental reasons.

You mention refurbished tech to some people and they may cringe with the very idea of it. I get this to some extent because I love brand new gadgets. I love the opening of brand new packaging. I always had a fascination with it. That being said, I also know you can get some great deals on Chromebooks if you are not wanting to spend too much money. After all, if you’re strapped for cash or maybe you just like a good bargain. It’s most likely you’re not too bothered about getting a new laptop in brand new unopened packaging.


If you’ve never heard of refurbished before then you may be a little unsure of whether it’s right for you. It’s similar to buying a laptop from eBay, but there is a slight difference. If you buy a second-hand Chromebook from eBay or any other method. Then it’s very unlikely you’ll be given a guarantee or warranty that the Chromebook will work a few months after buying it. This is the risk you take when you buy second-hand tech.

Refurbished tech is a little different because the manufacturer or retailer almost always offers a one year guarantee or warranty. Amazon offers there very own refurbished Chromebooks but they prefer to use the term renewed. You can get cheap UK Chromebooks and cheap Chromebooks in the USA using Amazon Renewed. You’ll find different Chromebooks are available all the time because it depends on what they have in stock. You’d be surprised just how popular refurbished tech is. Not just Chromebooks, any refurbished tech is very popular in both the UK and USA.

The great thing about Amazon Renewed is they guarantee the product will work for a certain period of time. This usually includes a one year guarantee. All the Chromebooks are tried and tested by qualified suppliers. This gives you the confidence you’ll receive a good quality refurbished laptop. Renewed Chromebooks can be anything from a return, which was never opened to surplus stock they want to get rid of.


If you love getting a bargain when it comes to buying tech. You should definitely take a look at the renewed Chromebooks available from Amazon. Sure, renewed laptops are not for everyone. That’s the great thing about refurbished products. Some people prefer to only buy brand new tech. While others are happy to save some money and protect the planet at the same time.

It’s all about being confident in what you’re buying. I’ve bought so much tech over the years, which I generally only keep for a few months. I usually then sell it on platforms like eBay. I always make it very clear that what the buyer will receive is a product, which is as good as new. That’s the thing. There is absolutely nothing wrong with buying second-hand tech providing you’re confident you’ll be receiving something that works as expected.

Buying from Amazon Renewed, which is a household name throughout the world. Together with the one year guarantee they offer. Makes it a no brainer if you want to buy a cheap Chromebook.