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How to add a second user to your Chromebook

How to add a second user to your Chromebook

The Chromebook allows you to add multiple users. It’s easy to add further users to your Chromebook. Once they are registered they will be able to use the Chromebook using their own Google Account. Adding a second user to your Chromebook You can add a second user to your Chromebook from the login page. This … Read more

The Chromebook now has its own Android Apps area

Chromebook area for Android Apps

The launch of Android Apps on the Chromebook was the best news Chromebook owners had in the last couple of years. It’s fair to say the rollout to older machines has been a little slow. However, if you do have access to Android Apps I’m sure you’ve been busy looking at the thousands of Apps … Read more

Chromebooks come with built in virus protection

Chromebook virus protection

When buying a new computer something you need to consider is how you’re going to protect your computer from viruses. The internet has more viruses now than ever before and this will only continue to rise as more and more people spend their time online. The cost of protecting your computer from viruses can be … Read more

Steam Games on Chromebook now possible with Linux Apps

Steam games now possible on Chromebook with Linux Apps

Who would have thought when the Chromebook was launched in 2011 that seven years later we would have the capability to play Steam Games on a Chromebook. Well, yes it’s true you can now play Steam Games on your Chromebook computer thanks to Linux Apps. Steam Games on a Chromebook If you’re lucky enough to … Read more

Android apps means you can now personalise your Chromebook

Chrome OS and Android apps

The ability to install Androids apps on your Chromebook means you can now personalise your Chromebook to suit your needs. This is great because it no longer means your Chromebook has to be set up like every other Chromebook. Personalise your Chromebook with Android Apps It’s exciting times for the Chromebook with the launch of … Read more