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Improvements to Chrome OS magnification tool coming soon

Chrome OS split screen magnifier gets a welcome update

One thing that all technology needs to offer is tools for the visually impaired. Luckily, Chrome OS already offers a great magnification tool, which is much better than others I’ve used in working environments. It’s not just for people with visual impairment, as I’ve often been in some working environments where I struggled to see … Read more

Google celebrates Pride with new Chrome OS wallpaper category

New Chrome OS wallpapers to celebrate Pride

Around the world the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community along with their Heterosexual friends and family celebrate Pride. Pride events take place throughout the summer months, but June is Pride month for most countries. To celebrate this Google has launched a new wallpaper section for Chrome OS. This is a great way to get … Read more

How to install Linux on your Chromebook

How to install Linux on Chrome OS

Installing Linux on Chrome OS gives you many new features that you’ll simply not want to do without. When you install Linux you’re opening up your computer to many Linux programs. There are a huge number of programs available, and the best thing is most of them are free to use. To install Linux your … Read more