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Lenovo overtakes HP for most shipped Chromebooks in Q3 2021

Lenovo overtakes HP in Chromebook shipments in quarter 4 2021

In quarter four of 2020, I confirmed that Chromebook shipments had risen by a staggering 287%. Not so good news for Q3 2021 where we’ve seen a decline in Chromebook sales. However, this is nothing to be concerned about because sales had risen dramatically due to the pandemic. Now we are out of the pandemic. … Read more

Microsoft Access equivalent for the Chromebook

Microsoft Access equivalent for the Chromebook

If you’ve ever used Microsoft Acess you’ll know just how powerful this database program is. It’s so powerful in fact it allows anyone to create bespoke programs for multiple users to use. The good news is if you’ve moved over to the Chromebook there is a Microsoft Access equivalent. Libre Office, which is a free-to-use … Read more