OneDrive Personal Vault needs a lot of work on the Chromebook

A few years ago when I was using Microsoft Windows a lot I got really frustrated with how annoying it is to use. Thankfully, today I can get away from using my Windows PC for most tasks thanks to the ever-evolving ChromeOS.

I’ve tried to move away from being negative about Microsoft because they do offer some great products. A great example of this is Microsoft 365 which works really well on a Chromebook. It works so well that I’ve signed up for a paid subscription.

The paid version of MS 365 gives you lots of extra features like using fully-fledged MS Office programs. This is great if you would prefer to use these instead of the cloud versions. Obviously, to use these on a Chromebook, you would need to install Windows 10 on your Chromebook first.

OneDrive cloud storage

Another great benefit of using Microsoft 365 on your Chromebook is that you get access to OneDrive. This is Microsoft’s version of their cloud storage, which is similar to Google Drive. Although I tend to use Google Drive a lot more on my Chromebook, it’s still great that I also have another cloud storage option.

Google and Microsoft have promised to work together to make MS 365 work better on ChromeOS. This includes making OneDrive more accessible within ChromeOS. Until that is done you can improve the experience by using a workaround to get OneDrive showing in your ChromeOS file manager.

If you sign up for the paid version of Microsoft 365 you get 1TB of cloud storage included. Having that and your Google Drive storage will make it much easier to save all of your files to the cloud. This is something I would strongly suggest because saving files locally is a thing of the past.

Personal Vault or Password Protect folder

Something that is missing from ChromeOS or should I say Google Drive is the ability to have a password-protected folder. There are a lot of people asking for this, so perhaps this is something Google Drive will offer in the future.

Having a password-protected folder will mean you can store your private information and not worry about these files being accessed even when you’re logged into your Chromebook.

This is why I was interested in the OneDrive Personal Vault, which allows you to do just this. A great way to keep secret files protected behind a password. If you have a paid version of Microsoft 365 you will have access to this.

OneDrive Personal Vault is not too good at present

If you watch the video above you will notice that the OneDrive Personal Vault is not fit for purpose. Although it works to some extent there appears to be major issues. I could not really work out what these issues were but I suspect a possible syncing issue.

Therefore, until Microsoft deals with this and sorts out some of the issues I’ve highlighted in the video. I’m afraid at the moment I would not recommend using the OneDrive Personal Vault on your Chromebook. It’s just too annoying and not a very good experience.

It’s a shame because I’m all for the future where Chromebook users can make the best out of all the different software that works in the cloud.