New Lenovo Chromebook with 16-inch display is perfect for gaming

I’m not too sure that I love a laptop that comes with a large display, as anything over 13.5-inches makes it difficult to handle. I found this out when I bought my Asus CX5 15.6-inch display. A great Chromebook, but I don’t really move it from room to room in my home because of its size. I use my Pixelbook Go for that sort of thing, which is much more compact.

All that being said there are some advantages of having a larger display. Firstly, you will tend to find most of them come with a separate number pad, which makes it ideal if you do a lot of number crunching. Secondly, a larger display is much better if you’ll be playing games on your device.

The new Lenovo Chromebook with its huge 16-inch display has another reason to make it great for gaming. It comes with a 120Hz refresh rate, which is perfect for games. Also, you can take advantage of such a refresh rate using Nvidia GeForce Now to play games on your ChromeOS computer.

A 16-inch display

As I’ve already mentioned a laptop with a 16-inch display isn’t going to be a good choice if you need a laptop to carry around with you. Instead, a computer with a display of this size is going to be much more suitable to use at a desk.

If you’re not interested in buying a Chromebox, which I think is the best option for desk computing. Then a Chromebook with a large display is the next best thing. You can also add an additional display, which is great if you need to work with lots of data.

A Chromebook with a 16-inch display is a great option if you’ll be working at a desk and need a larger than standard display. Although there are many reasons to want a laptop with a large display. One of the most obvious is when it comes to gaming, which is most likely why Lenovo insisted on giving that display a 120Hz refresh rate.

A display with a 120Hz refresh rate

If you’re not looking to play games on your laptop then it’s unlikely you’ll ever take advantage of a display with such a high refresh rate. However, if you do like playing games, and it’s fast-paced action games you’ll certainly notice the difference with a display with a higher refresh rate.

The good news is you can now take advantage of PC gaming on a Chromebook with such a high refresh rate. This is because Nvidia GeForce Now supports gaming on a Chromebook with 120Hz.

Therefore, if you’re on the lookout for a new gaming Chromebook to use with GeForce Now. You might want to check out the new 16-inch Lenovo Chromebook. You can find out more about the specs at Lenovo.