New Google Pixel Android tablet will be a home assistant as well

I’ve always owned an Android tablet because they are the easiest way to access the internet when you need a bigger screen than your phone. Android tablets were hugely popular when they were first released, but have gone through a decline in recent years.

Although we have seen a decline in Android tablet sales it does not mean they are not still the number one choice for many. In fact, we may be seeing a new interest in Android tablets, which explains why Google will be releasing a new Android tablet in 2023.

I don’t use my tablet as much as I once did. This is because I can quickly get access to the internet using my Pixelbook Go Chromebook. ChromeOS is such a quick computer that you can be surfing the internet within about 15 seconds after switching it on. However, I still use my tablet over my Chromebook for some tasks, but it’s fair to say it gets less use than it once did. Google is about to change all that.

The Pixel brand

It’s been a long time since Google released an Android tablet. In fact, I owned one and it was when Google was branding everything under the Nexus range. Since then they have moved over to the Pixel range of products, which I think is a much better name.

When you think of Pixel, you probably think about their range of Android phones or Chromebooks. What I think about when I hear the word Pixel is Google and their quality products. All of the products I’ve owned with the Pixel badge have been excellent, which includes my Pixel phone, Pixelbook Go and Pixel slate.

My Pixel slate is definitely better than the Nexus tablet I once owned, and it’s also the case my Pixel phone is better than a Nexus phone I used to own. I guess what I’m trying to put across here is that Google has definitely improved on the hardware front when comparing the Nexus range to their Pixel range of products. Therefore, I’m sure their new Pixel Android tablet is going to be something special.

The new Pixel tablet is an Android

The first thing I need to mention is the new Pixel tablet to be released in 2023 is an Android tablet. I say this because I think it’s easy to get confused with the Pixel slate, which is also a tablet but it runs on ChromeOS rather than Android OS. Although ChromeOS is much better than it once was in tablet mode; it still isn’t a contender for Android OS.

This is why I’m looking forward to the release of the new Pixel tablet. At the moment I own a Samsung tablet, which I’ve had since 2018. It still works absolutely fine, but it stopped receiving OS updates and is stuck on Android 10. My Pixel phone is currently on Android 13, so my tablet is definitely due for an upgrade.

Pixel tablet doubling as a Google Home Assistant

This is a really smart move by Google. They did some research and noticed that most people use their tablets at home. We don’t tend to take our tablets out and about with us. The reason for this is that you’d need an extra data sim for your tablet or you would need to use your phone’s internet connection. Therefore, most of us stick to using our phones when away from home.

Because most people tend to own a phone and possibly a computer such as a Chromebook. There is a question of how much use we get out of our tablets. This is definitely something I’ve been considering whilst looking for a new tablet. Yes, I love using my Android tablet, but can I justify buying a new one when I can use my phone or Chromebook?

Google Home Assistant Hub Max
My Google Home Assistant Hub Max

One way to make your tablet more worthwhile is to design it to be placed on a docking base when not in use. This docking base includes speakers and charges your tablet whilst docked. This essentially turns your tablet and docking station into a Google home assistant. This is exactly what Google is offering with the new Pixel tablet that will be released in 2023.

I love my Google Home assistant, but the display is only ever used when I ask certain questions. Using your Pixel tablet and docking station would mean you’re getting the most use possible out of your tablet. It’s an ingenious idea that Google has come up with. It removes the issue of you leaving your tablet under the bed or on a side table. Simply attach it to the docking station and it will charge it for you, and it will also come in handy as a home assistant.


I’ve been looking at the different Android tablets available recently. Now I know the plans Google has for their new Pixel tablet. I’ll definitely be waiting for it to be released. You’ll not only be getting your hands on a well-built tablet. The docking station and the ability to use it as a Google home assistant make it a much more versatile tech product.

If you already own a Google Home assistant as I do. Well, you could use your new Pixel tablet and docking station to add a further home assistant to your home. If that isn’t necessary, you could always sell your current home assistant and put the money towards a new Pixel tablet.

Although the news about Google terminating the project to bring a new Pixelbook Chromebook to market is sad news. It’s great to see they are still well behind the Pixel range other than their mobile phones. Even if you own a Chromebook, even if it’s a Hybrid 2-in-1. The new Pixel tablet with the ability to use it as a home assistant will be a great addition to your Google tech product range.