More advanced video editing on Chrome OS coming soon

Ever since Chrome OS was launched in 2011 I’ve slowly moved away from Microsoft Windows. I still used my Windows PC for playing PC games, but this all changed when Nvidia GeForce Now made it possible to play PC games on Chrome OS.

Playing PC games on my Chromebox worked much better for me than playing PC games on my Windows PC. One thing where I still need to use a Windows PC is video editing. You can do basic video editing on Chrome OS using programs such as ClipChamp. If you need to do more advanced video editing then Chrome OS isn’t yet the answer.

I would not mind too much but I have got to a stage where I dread using my Microsoft PC. Constant Windows updates that crash my system and a non-responsive OS for doing the very basic of tasks is what makes me hate using a Windows PC.

Google has announced Lumafusion is coming to Chrome OS

In a video, by Google about Chrome OS, they announced how they are working closely with Lumafusion to bring their video editor to Chrome OS. It isn’t just Chrome OS though as they are also working on getting Lumafusion to work as an Android App.

Whether this means Lumafusion will be available as an Android App only, which you can then use on your Chromebook. This is possible, but I’d prefer to see both an Android app and a PWA for Chrome OS, which I think is most likely the route they would want to go down.

Google made an announcement a few months ago about Android tablets making a comeback. It’s true that Android tablet sales have increased. However, the increase in Android app usage on Chrome OS was what I was more excited about. The increase in android app usage means more people have possibly moved over to Chrome OS because of the ability to use Android Apps.

What is Lumafusion

Lumafusion is a video editor that is currently available for Apple iOS. Therefore, it isn’t an editor that is currently compatible with Android or Chrome OS. Therefore, it will involve Google working with Lumafusion to change this.

This is great to see because it shows software studios are well aware that Chrome OS and Android aren’t something that can be ignored. As more people move over to Chrome OS and the already millions if not billions of Android phone users. Makes it a pretty easy decision for Lumafusion to make their video editing software compatible with these platforms.

Whether it will have the exact same functionality as iOS will be interesting to see. At the moment I don’t think we have a video editor that is professional enough for Chrome OS that is also considered stable. Advanced video editing needs stable software that isn’t prone to crashing.

More advanced video editing for Chrome OS

After taking a look at Lumafusion it will definitely offer Chrome OS users more advanced features. For example, it appears to be capable of Chroma Key, which is something I’d be interested in testing out.

Whether Lumafusion would be advanced enough for professionals to use is something that I’m not certain about. I’m sure it will offer a lot of decent editing features, but it may still fall short of being professional enough for some users.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t a great thing to see. Chrome OS definitely needs more video editing options. When you consider that video is more popular than ever. It’s really important that people have access to video editors when using a Chromebook.