Material You now available on the ChromeOS stable channel

We’ve seen a few changes to how the ChromeOS desktop looks over the years. This latest change may look familiar if you already own an Android phone or tablet. Yes, that’s right, ChromeOS is getting the ‘material you’ update that has been available on Android for some time now.

Until recently it was only possible to get ‘material you’ by using the developer channel. The good news is you can now use ‘material you’ on the stable channel by enabling a few flags. Providing your Chromebook is on ChromeOS 114 or higher, you should be able to enable the flags that are needed.

I really like the look of ‘material you’, as it gives you a lot more options for customisation. Customisation a couple of years ago is something that we did not see much of on ChromeOS, so it’s great to see this is slowly changing as the OS continually improves. Find out how to manage notifications on your Chromebook.

Choose the colour theme to suit your mood

One of the benefits of ‘material you’ on ChromeOS is that you’ll get the option to customise the colours. There are a few default colour themes you can choose from, and there is a great feature where you can choose the colour theme based on the desktop wallpaper you’re using.

This means you can truly customise your Chromebook colours to match what you like. This doesn’t just change the colours seen in the settings menu when clicking the time at the bottom right of your Chromebook desktop. It also changes the colour of the shelf and the bar at the top of any open windows.

Settings are easier to find

Something else I like about material you is how it makes it easier to get to different settings. Many of the buttons found in the menu at the bottom right of your desktop; show further options related to that specific function.

I especially like the accessibility menu, as this opens up many other options that you have available. This makes it much easier to find all the options you have under accessibility than it previously did. Anything that makes your Chromebook easier to use can only be a good thing.

Material You flags on your Chromebook

To enable the flags needed simply open up your Chrome browser and type the following into the web address field.


Once you have the Chrome flags showing search for ‘jelly’. You should see a few flags show up, you simply need to enable all of these flags. Do not restart your Chromebook just yet, as there is one more flag to enable.

The next flag to enable is ‘quick settings revamp’. Once enabled you can now hit the restart button shown in the flags menu at the bottom. When your Chromebook restarts you should now see your settings menu using the ‘Material you’ theme.

If you want to see how ‘material you’ works and the options available. Take a look at the video above from my Chrome Computing TV YouTube channel.


Material You on the Chromebook is a great step forward because it isn’t just about being more visually appealing. It offers much better functionality, and the menu gives you access to many more settings that are easier to find.

As ChromeOS develops more settings are now available. These settings are obviously needed, but it can make it a little daunting when you see all the settings you can choose from. Material You makes it much easier to find settings related to what you’re currently changing.

At the moment you’re using ChromeOS flags to access material you. Therefore, you should remember that this may not be the finished design, and changes may happen in the future. If you wish to remove ‘material you’ once you’ve taken a look. Simply follow the instructions above, but change the flags back to default.