Libre Office suite can be installed locally on your Chromebook

If you want to use your Chromebook for productivity. You have possibly been using Microsoft Office Android Apps or Google Office Suite. Microsoft recently announced they will be removing their office Android Apps for the Chromebook. This means you can no longer use MS office using software installed locally. To use MS office in the future on your Chromebook you’ll have to use their PWA app.

To use this you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription. If you need to use one of their packages there isn’t really a way around this. If you don’t have any specific reason to use MS Word or Excel. Then you may be better off using Google Office Suite. You can use Google Docs on your Chromebook and it’s free to use. However, very much like the Office PWA. These programs are used by visiting a web address.

If for some reason you’re not wanting to use a spreadsheet or word processor document by visiting a website. Then you still have an option to install an office suite locally on your Chromebook. To use Libre Office you’ll need to install it in your Linux section on your Chrome OS laptop. This is very easy to do and you can follow the whole process by watching my video. This video will show you how to install Libre Office on your Chromebook.

Libre Office on your Chromebook

Libre Office suite has been available for many years. It’s a Linux based office suite, which means anyone who owns a Chromebook where you can install Linux can get access to this office suite. The advantage of installing Libre is that you’ll then have access to local programs. This may be ideal for anyone who needs to use a spreadsheet or word processor when you don’t have an internet connection.

The office programs available with Libre are advanced. Because they’ve been around for many years you’ll find you can do almost the same as was possible with Microsoft Office. A good advantage is the option to use Libre Database. A database program, which you’ll no longer find with MS Office or Google Office Suite.

It’s good to have the choice

What I love about Chrome OS is that it continues to offer more choices. The introduction of Linux, which is now out of beta mode on the Chromebook. Means you have a lot more choices when it comes to using different programs.

If you prefer to use an Office Suite installed locally. Then I’d strongly recommend installing Libre Office. You can save the files you work on locally or choose to save them in the cloud. Saving your files in the cloud ensures you don’t lose any data should you have an issue that causes file corruption.