Lenovo overtakes HP for most shipped Chromebooks in Q3 2021

In quarter four of 2020, I confirmed that Chromebook shipments had risen by a staggering 287%. Not so good news for Q3 2021 where we’ve seen a decline in Chromebook sales. However, this is nothing to be concerned about because sales had risen dramatically due to the pandemic.

Now we are out of the pandemic. People are spending money on other things. Also, schools that bought many Chromebooks during the pandemic. Were not going to spend as much in 2021 as we come out of the pandemic. So, I don’t see this as anything that wasn’t expected.

Something I did notice was that HP did not ship the most Chromebooks in Q3 2021. In previous reports, HP has always been on top with the amount of Chrome OS devices they had shipped. Closely followed by Lenovo. Well, in Q3 2021 Lenovo has done really well and took 24.6% of the market share.

Will Lenovo continue with this trend

Lenovo has only been in the Chromebook market for a few years. Therefore, it’s pretty impressive that they have shipped more units than any other company. I think that goes to show people are buying their computers because they offer great value for money.

You can get a huge variety of Lenovo Chromebooks. Whether you’re looking for a budget laptop or medium-spec model. You’ll find plenty of models to choose from.

HP is a long-established company and they are well known for signing contracts with big players. This would include school districts. Therefore, this may explain why HP sales in Chromebooks were overtaken by Lenovo. We’ll have to wait and see, but I would expect HP to take the number one slot again in the future.

Chromebook shipments Q3 2021
Chromebook shipments Q3 2021

Acer took 16.7% of the market share

The third most popular Chromebook manufacturer in Q3 in 2021 was Acer. Not really surprising when you consider some of the great models they’ve been releasing. One of the best at the moment is the Acer Spin 713.

Taking 16.7% of the market share in Q3 2021. This was a total of 960,000 units and was down on the number of units they sold last quarter of 1,346,000. It’s likely Acer will continue to see decent sales because they understand the importance of keeping their laptops up to date.

An example of this is their Acer 713. Instead of just bringing out one model. They’ve realised the issue around the AUE date and people wanting the latest processors. To deal with this they have released a newer version of the 713 with slight improvements with the latest generation processor available.

This is a really smart move by Acer and it’s a shame we’ve not seen Google do this with the Pixelbook Go.


It’s great news for Lenovo that they’ve overtaken HP in shipments in Q3 2021. However, I strongly believe this will be short-lived. Once schools have their new budgets available and are looking for Chromebooks to buy in the future. I’m sure HP will do what they do well. Get those contracts signed to provide more of their Chromebooks to school districts.

You could see the decline in Chromebook sales overall as a bad sign. When you consider there were over nine million units shipped in Q3 2020 and just over 5.7 million in Q3 2021. That is a huge drop in shipments.

The problem is these are strange times. The big hike in sales in the previous quarter was massively influenced by the pandemic. It was only a matter of time for that big increase to drop back to normal levels once the pandemic had started to be got under control.