Is 16GB of storage enough for a Chromebook in 2021

When the Chromebook was originally launched in 2011 most of them came with 16GB of storage. The Chromebook works a lot differently today, so is 16 GB of storage enough in 2021? Well, it all depends on what you’ll be doing with your Chromebook.

If you’re looking to buy a second-hand Chromebook then you’ll most likely still find them with 16GB of storage. You can even find new Chromebooks with 16GB of storage if you look hard enough. However, it’s true that the minimum storage you’ll find in most Chromebooks in 2021 is 32GB of storage.

If you’re only using your Chromebook to surf the internet, use social media and perhaps some word processing and spreadsheet work. Then you don’t necessarily need to have a lot of local storage space. The Chromebook is a cloud computer, which means it’s very easy to save most of your files in the cloud. Therefore, you can get away with owning a Chromebook with 16GB of storage. That being said, it will definitely limit what you can do with Chrome OS.

Android Apps on the Chromebook

One of the big changes to Chrome OS a few years ago was the ability to use Android Apps. Before this, it wasn’t possible to install anything locally on your Chromebook. This is the reason why there were many more Chromebooks with 16GB of storage before Android Apps become compatible with Chome OS.

If you’re intending on using Android Apps then I would avoid buying a Chromebook with 16GB. You would possibly be able to install a couple at most. You would be very limited and you would constantly need to uninstall apps to make space to install different apps.

Android apps also need enough RAM to perform well. Find out how much RAM you need for your Chromebook.

Buying a Chromebook to surf the web

Not everyone is interested in using Android Apps. There are still a lot of people who buy a budget Chromebook to surf the web. If this is the case and Android apps are not important to you. Then you can use a Chromebook with 16 GB of storage without any issues.

If you’re looking for a laptop to internet surf, word process, use spreadsheets, social media, streaming movies or online shopping. Then the amount of storage isn’t too important. To do all of these tasks you don’t need to worry about whether you’ll have enough storage.

If you’ll be downloading files from the internet. You need to remember these files will take up your local storage space. If you download a lot of files you may run out of storage. However, you can easily transfer these files to Google Drive. Google Drive is a cloud storage service and you get 15GB for free with your Google Account.


Although you’ll not find many Chromebooks with 16GB of storage in 2021. You can still use a Chromebook with this amount of storage providing you’re intending to use your laptop for internet surfing. If you want to take full advantage of what Chrome OS offers such as Android Apps. Then 16GB of storage is not enough because apps are installed locally.

If you have a specific reason for using a laptop, and you know you’ll not use local storage often. Then you can find some great deals on a Chromebook with 16GB of storage. However, if you’re buying a laptop where you might decide to use more features in the future. Then perhaps it would be a good idea to look for a Chromebook that offers more storage. Find out more about how much storage you need for your Chrome OS computer.