Improvements to Chrome OS magnification tool coming soon

One thing that all technology needs to offer is tools for the visually impaired. Luckily, Chrome OS already offers a great magnification tool, which is much better than others I’ve used in working environments.

It’s not just for people with visual impairment, as I’ve often been in some working environments where I struggled to see what was on the display. When you’re working at a display all day in an office, and depending on the light and the weather outside. It can make it really difficult to see your screen.

The magnification tool on Chrome OS allows you to split the screen. The top part will zoom into anywhere you have your mouse or cursor located, which makes it much easier to get on with your work. The bottom part of the screen works as normal, which is really important for navigational purposes.

You’ll be able to adjust the magnifier window

At the moment the magnified section and the standard section are split across the screen. You don’t have the option to adjust this, which isn’t always going to be suitable. Sometimes you need to either have the magnified section much larger or smaller.

The new update will allow for this, which will be a great addition for anyone who already uses this tool. Most working environments usually mean having to use many different software applications. It isn’t the case that you can just have one application open to do your job throughout the day.

The Chrome OS magnifier split-screen can now be adjusted

Some of the legacy software used in larger companies can be extremely dated and difficult to navigate. At the same time, you most likely use newer technology from a web browser. All these different applications mean you’ll want to use the magnification tool differently for each one.

Your working day should flow much better

The magnification tool will help anyone who needs it. Whether that is at home or when you’re at work. However, from my experience, these types of tools are most helpful when you’re in a fast-paced working environment.

You need to have access to tools that allow you to get your job done as quickly as possible. Having the ability to easily change the size of the magnified window is something I’m sure many people will be happy to see.

You’ll find the magnifier tool in settings at the following location:


From there on the right-hand side of the settings menu. You’ll find ‘Enable docked magnifier’ under the Display section.

Just another great update for Chrome OS, which shows the team are always looking for ways to continually improve the Chromebook experience for users.