I installed Anno 2070 on my Chromebook with Steam Beta

I recently wrote an article about installing Steam Beta on your Chromebook. If you have a Chromebook that is compatible I’d strongly recommend giving it a try. It’s more stable than the Steam Linux Alpha that was introduced in April 2022.

To test this out I decided to try and install Anno 2070 on my Chromebook locally. I’ve not had much luck playing the games I like on my Chromebook until now. Apart from Prison Architect, which was created to run on Linux. Any game that was originally created for Microsoft Windows simply didn’t work when installing it locally via steam.

Therefore, I was really impressed when I installed Anno 2070 on Steam Beta. It took a couple of minutes to download the game, and when I hit the launch button I was expecting errors. The great news is I come across no issues at all. The game loaded just as it would on a Microsoft computer, and the game played without any lag, so I’m really happy.

Playing Anno 2070 on my Chromebook

Anno 2070 has relatively decent graphics considering it has been around for a few years now. The level of detail on the graphics front has always impressed me. This is one of the reasons why I wasn’t too sure whether the game would work.

I installed it on my Asus CX5, which has just 8GB of RAM and an Intel i5 quad-core processor. The gameplay was absolutely perfect, and it was the first time I felt I was truly playing a Microsoft Windows PC game locally on my Chromebook.

Until now, I’ve never been someone who has seen much of a point in superpowerful Chromebooks. This is because you can get most things done on ChromeOS on a budget device. Now I can see the potential of local gaming, and where we will be in the future. The argument for buying more powerful Chromebooks makes sense. Check out these latest cloud-gaming Chromebooks. Although it may suggest these have been made for the cloud. They are still going to work great with Steam Beta.

Super excited about the future of local gaming on ChromeOS

I’m really excited about the future of local gaming on ChromeOS. It’s no longer a dream that cannot be met. Sure, we are still in the early stages, and not all games are going to work. However, I’m really excited about the future.

If I can play Anno 2070 locally on my Asus CX5. Just imagine the types of games we will be able to play in the future. Steam has only just been released on beta, and still has a lot of development time before it reaches the stable channel.

I can now see where we will be a couple of years from now. Once Steam is available as a stable offering and the introduction of more high-performing Chromebooks in the future. I can see how gaming on your Chromebook will become the norm.