HP X2 Chromebook review – A new type of Chromebook

I love reviewing new Chromebooks especially over the last couple of years because we are starting to see some really good quality devices being launched. Reviewing the HP X2 Chromebook was even more exciting because it’s a totally different Chromebook to what we have seen before.

The HP X2 is more like a surface pro and that is not a bad thing but how does it work in the Chromebook arena? Well, let’s find out whether the HP X2 is one to consider for your next Chromebook device.


I have always liked HP laptops because they are well built and look the part. There is nothing extraordinary about them but that understated design is what makes them so appealing. The HP X2 is different from traditional laptops but it’s great to see HP have still managed to keep that cool elegant design we have all come to love.

HP Chromebook X2
The HP Chromebook X2 has great build quality

The main difference you will notice straight away is that the HP X2 Chromebook is a different type of Hybrid. The keyboard detaches completely from the device itself. This is great for anyone who wants to have a true 2-in-1 Chromebook device. When you remove the keyboard you are left with what looks like any other tablet out there on the market. Albeit, the tablet is a little thicker than you may be used to from other tablet devices but that is going to be expected.


HP have done a really good job with the HP X2 and how it works as a laptop and tablet. Unlike the Microsoft Surface Pro, which needs a stand to keep the tablet balanced. The HP X2 has been cleverly designed to work just like any other laptop.

Using the device on a desk and the display stays upright all on its own without the need of a stand to keep it from toppling over. It’s not as straightforward when using it on your lap though. It still works but you can definitely feel the weight of the tablet compared to the keyboard causes the display to wobble a little at times.

The best thing about the HP X2 is that it detaches from the keyboard easily. There are no awkward buttons, you simply pull the tablet away from the keyboard and it’s just as easy to attach it again. The HP X2 uses strong magnets, which keeps the tablet and keyboard joined together. It’s a very cool design.

This makes it perfect for anyone who wants two devices in one. You truly are getting a tablet and laptop in one device, which I don’t think can be said for Chromebooks with a 360 hinge. They are great but I still struggle with using a Chromebook as a tablet when you have a keyboard on the other side. The HP X2 definitely addresses this issue.

HP X2 keyboard detaches perfectly from the display
The display detaches seamlessly from the display on the HP X2 Chromebook


There is always going to be a trade-off with this sort of device. It’s definitely been designed for people who are more interested in using a tablet than a laptop. The keyboard is perfectly fine to type with but you do not get the same type of key travel that other Chromebooks can offer.

This is understandable because the keyboard has been designed to be lightweight and flexible. If you are looking for a Chromebook where typing is an important factor. Then you may be a little disappointed with what’s on offer here. However, if you only use a keyboard for internet surfing and a tablet is more important to you, then the HP X2 keyboard is unlikely going to cause you too much concern.


The HP X2 comes with an Intel M3 7th generation processor. The Asus C302 comes with the 6th generation M3 processor, so expect better performance from the HP X2. However, comparing it against the Asus C302 is not really fair because it has been around for a few years now.

Although the HP X2 performs perfectly well it’s true to say that it cannot perform against other Chromebooks such as the HP X360 or the Dell Inspiron 14. The M3 processor runs at a base speed of 1.0GHz but is capable of reaching 2.60GHz. This means you will have no problem running most of the applications you may want to run a Chromebook today.

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If you are based in the USA then the HP X2 offers 4GB of RAM and 32GB of storage. Although this is not too bad it is not that great either. However, the UK model comes with 8GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, which is much more acceptable.

The 8GB of RAM will really help with the performance and the 64GB of storage means you will be able to install more Android Apps. When you consider the device is aimed more at the tablet user being able to install more Android Apps is pretty essential.

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The Display on offer is pretty impressive. It comes with an IPS panel and the images are crisp and vibrant. The resolution is also impressive at 2,400 by 1,600 pixels. You would expect to see a higher resolution in tablets, so don’t look at it in the same way you would a traditional Chromebook.

When using just the tablet alone it’s fair to say it is not as light as other tablets you can buy on the market. However, you need to remember other tablets do not have the ability of attaching to a keyboard.


The X2 comes with a Micro SD slot, which means you will be able to easily add extra storage without too many problems. If you are considering buying it in the USA then the extra storage will come in handy.

It also comes with two USB Type-C ports, which is great to see but it does lack the older USB type connection. That being said, you would struggle to find any tablet with an older type USB connection. You also need to consider older USB connections take up more room, so it would bulk out the device.


I really like what HP has done here. It’s really good to see a different option for a Hybrid Chromebook. Although, I love the fact that nearly all Chromebooks are now hybrids. I still do not feel the current 360 hinge approach is perfect. Using a Chromebook with a 360 hinge in tablet mode feels unnatural and that cannot be said for the HP X2.

The fact you can detach the keyboard completely means the HP X2 Chromebook is perfect for anyone who really wants to take Hybrid to the next level.

The HP X2 looks the part and is perfect for anyone who wants Chrome OS in a tablet device. You could argue it’s a tad expensive when comparing it to other Chromebooks with better specs. However, it’s a lot less expensive than the Pixel Slate and offers similar functionality.

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