How to use Google Smart Lock on your Chromebook

This article looks at what Google Smart Lock is and why you should consider using it with your Chromebook. It also includes a complete guide on how to use Google Smart Lock on your Chromebook computer.

Trying to remember multiple passwords for all of your online accounts can be difficult. Especially if you choose to use strong passwords that are hard to remember. Find out more information about how to choose passwords and what to avoid.

There are a few ways to remember the passwords you have chosen for all of your online Passwords. If you’re using a Chromebook then one of the best options available is Google Smart Lock.


Google Smart Lock makes it easy to remember your online passwords for every website you visit where you have an online account. It does this by asking whether you want the username and password on the website you’re visiting to be remembered.

It does this by displaying a notification in the Chrome browser in the top right of the screen asking if you would like Google Smart Lock to remember your details for future visits. It does this immediately after you have entered details Google Smart Lock has not saved before.

It’s very easy to use and comes built into Chrome OS, so there is no separate software that you need to install. Google Smart Lock is also integrated into Chrome OS, which means you can easily find the settings for the software in your Chromebook settings.

If you decide to let Google Smart Lock remember your details, these are automatically provided at the login page the next time you visit the website. This means you do not need to worry about typing in the username or password. This saves times and means you do not need to worry if you cannot remember the password you previously chose.


The biggest advantage of Google Smart Lock is that you do not need to remember any of your passwords. The only password you do need to remember is your Google Account Password that you use to login to your Chromebook. It’s your Google Account password that gives you access to all the passwords you have saved with Google Smart Lock.

This means you will have no issues of choosing really strong passwords for all the websites you visit. You should do this because it’s much safer than choosing passwords that are easy to remember. If you choose strong passwords for all of your accounts and take advantage of the Password Leak Protection that is coming with Chrome OS 78. Then you’ll be making it much harder for people to access your online accounts.


Are my passwords kept safe?

Yes, your passwords are safe because they are encrypted using your Google Account password. The only people who can access your passwords is anyone who knows your Google Account password.

Can someone access my passwords if I leave my computer unlocked?

The short answer is Yes. People cannot access your passwords directly from Google Smart Lock if you leave your Chromebook unlocked. This is because whenever you try to see what passwords you have set up for your online accounts, you’ll be asked to enter your Google Account password every time. This is to provide you with an extra layer of security.

However, you need to remember if you leave your Google Account unlocked someone can visit websites you visit regularly and access these accounts. This is because Google Smart Lock automatically enters your login credentials for the sites you have chosen.

Also, you need to consider whether the website gives the option to see what the password is that you currently have entered in the password field. If it does, then someone could potentially find out your passwords.

To be safe, you should not leave your Chromebook unlocked unless you trust the people who have access to it.

Can I choose the usernames and passwords that Google Smart Lock remembers?

Yes, when you visit a website for the first time and enter login details. Google Smart Lock will ask whether you want the details to be remembered for future visits. At this stage, you can choose ‘Never’ and the username or password will not be remembered. You’ll also not be asked this question again when visiting the same website.

Can I save a password in Google Smart Lock that I previously asked not to be remembered?

When you request for a username and password not to be remembered by Google Smart Lock. The site you are visiting is remembered, so you are not asked the same question again.

However, a list of the sites you have asked Google Smart Lock not to remember is available in your Chromebook settings. You can easily remove sites from this list at any time. If you remove a site from this list, you will be asked on your next visit if you want the username and password remembered.

What other options do I have other than Google Smart Lock

The only other safe viable option you have is to choose a password manager. However, this would mean installing an Android App to do this. Firstly, you would need to ensure you trust the app developers with your passwords. Also, some of these apps do charge for the service.

However, you can get Android Apps that offer a basic service that is free of charge. Some of these apps also provide a password generator.

Google Smart Lock vs a third party Password Manager

If you’re using a Chromebook then Google Smart Lock is the best option. This is because it’s integrated with your Chromebook and your passwords are encrypted with your Google Account password. This means you do not need to remember any other passwords.


Time needed: 3 minutes

A step by step guide on using Google Smart Lock on your Chromebook

  1. How to save usernames and passwords

    Visit any website where you have an online account. Enter your login credentials as normal. Once you’ve entered the correct details a pop-up dialogue box will appear in the top right of your browser. Simply choose ‘Save’ and your login details will be remembered for the future. Choose ‘Never’ if you would prefer your login details not to be saved.
    How to add passwords to google smart lock

  2. How to access Google Smart Lock from Chromebook settings

    Access your Chromebook settings using the menu at the bottom right of your Chromebook desktop. Then Scroll or click on the option ‘AutoFill’. You should see options similar to the below. Then click on the ‘passwords’ option, which will provide with your Google Smart Lock options.
    how to find google smart lock settings on your chromebook

  3. How to check the passwords you currently have stored

    The ‘passwords’ menu shows a list of websites under the heading ‘Saved Passwords’. These are the list of sites you have asked Google Smart Lock to remember. Next to each website you will see the username and password you chose.

    The password is automatically hidden for security. You can look at each password individually by clicking on the ‘eye’ icon to the right of each password. For extra security you will be asked for your Google Account password, once you’ve entered this your password will be visible.
    your google smart lock settings on your chromebook

  4. How to remove currently save passwords

    You can easily remove currently saved passwords. To do this simply click on the icon to the far right of the password. This is the icon to the left of the ‘eye’ icon. Click on this and select ‘Remove’.

  5. Remove websites from the Never Saved section

    If you have visited a website previously and did not ask Google Smart Lock to remember your login details. The website will be listed in the ‘Never Saved’ section. If you would prefer the login details to be saved with Google Smart Lock, you can simply remove the website from this section. To do this click on the cross next to the website name.

    The next time you visit the website and enter your login details. You will be asked if you want the username and password remembered.


Google Smart Lock is a great tool for Chromebook users. It means you can easily access online accounts in the future without remembering the passwords on each occasion.

If you do need to know the password to any particular site, this can be easily accessed from your Chromebook settings. Google Smart Lock is extremely easy to use and is the best way to keep you safe online.

It’s extremely important to ensure the password you choose for your Google Account is strong. This is because your passwords are encrypted and saved using this password. Also, if anyone gets access to your Google Account password they will also have access to your emails and Google Drive.

You should take extra time choosing your Google Account password. Choosing a strong password that you change regularly is the best way to keep your online activities safe when using your Chromebook.