How to unblock your phone with a PUK code

Most of us use a PIN code or other security measure on our mobile phones. This stops anyone being able to use your phone should you lose it or leave it in a place where others can access it.

This is, of course, something everyone should do. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your phone or it’s stolen. The last thing you’ll want is for all of your details to be available.

We store a lot of information on our phones. Not only all of our contacts, but most of us use social media and can access our emails on our phone.

If someone gets access to this information. They could potentially use the information to steal your identity and to hack into your bank accounts. So if you don’t use a pin code or something similar you should do this now, as it’s an extremely important security measure to keep you safe.


Although it’s great to have a pin code or your fingerprint registered on your mobile phone. You could come across a situation where it actually blocks you from using your phone.

This usually happens if you enter your pin code wrong more than ten times. The phone is set up to lock your phone in this situation. The reason for this is because if someone steals your phone. Instead of giving them as many attempts as they like to try and guess your pin. It locks your phone after the tenth attempt.

This can be easier than you may think. So you should be mindful of this if you’ve entered your pin number too many times without success. The best thing to do is to leave it for a few minutes.

By doing this you’ll give yourself some time to try and remember your pin. Getting frustrated and entering the same pin time and time again will cause your phone to be blocked.


If you do block your phone you’ll have to request a PUK code from your network provider. To do this you’d either need to call them or some providers may have the option to do this on their website.

You will, of course, need to confirm it is you requesting the code. So some sort of identification check will take place. This is to ensure your network provider is satisfied it’s you and not someone who has stolen your phone trying to gain access.

Once you’ve got your PUK Code you’ll be able to enter this into your phone. This will then unlock your phone and allow you to set up a new pin or fingerprint scan.

A PUK code is not the same as an unlocking code. Many people get these mixed up. A PUK code is to unblock your phone if you enter your pin incorrectly too many times. The Unlocking code is what you request if your phone is locked to a network and you want to be able to use a sim from a different network.