How to take your mobile number to your new network with a PAC code

Millions of us decide to change our mobile network every year. This is a sensible thing to do if you’re always looking for the best deal. Thankfully, it’s a lot easier to do this today.

You may be concerned about your mobile phone number though. Well, there is no need to worry because you can take your current mobile number to any new network.

To do this you’ll need to speak with your current network provider. If you’re inside a contract they may not let you do this. Once you are outside of your contract your network provider must allow you to take your number with you.

This is done by requesting a Porting Authorisation Code (PAC) from your current mobile network provider. You then provide this PAC to your new mobile network operator.


When you receive your PAC from your old provider. You need to pass this code onto your new network provider. They will then start the porting/switching of your number from your old network.

The time it takes vary between networks. There is a possibility you’ll lose your network for about 24 hours at most during the final stage of switching. However, networks have been getting better at minimising this as much as possible.

You need to use your PAC within 30 days. If you do not use it within this time it will expire. If you provide an expired PAC to your new mobile network operator. When they attempt the porting it will be rejected.


If you are staying with the same mobile network provider and simply upgrading your phone or plan. You will not need to request a PAC, as you’re staying with the same provider.

You will need to mention to them that you’d like to keep your old number. You’ll then be simply upgraded to a new phone or plan without the need of requesting a PAC.

This is similar if you’re moving to a new network provided by the same operator. For example, If you’re moving from Vodafone to Voxi. Because Voxi is part of Vodafone they should be able to do all of this for you.


Not all of us want to keep the same number. If this is the case moving to a new network provides the perfect opportunity to change it. If you want to change your number during your plan. You’ll most likely find your network provider may charge you for this.

However, if you’re receiving calls of threatening behaviour. You could report this to the police. Providing they provide you with a crime reference number. Then your network provider should change your number without any charge. You should check with your network provider if you’re experiencing this.

There can be many reasons for being happy to have a new number. This may be to remove yourself from past partners completely by changing numbers. This is a great way of cutting ties once and for all.

Another reason for not being too bothered about losing your old number is if it’s a difficult number to remember. Some mobile numbers are easily remembered and fall off the tongue. Whilst others can be difficult and the type of number you never manage to keep in your head.


Changing networks can be exciting or concerning time depending on the situation. The good thing to know is you can either take the opportunity to have a new number without any cost.

Alternatively, you have the option of taking your old number with you. If you’ve used the same number for some time. It may be beneficial to take the number with you when changing networks.

This is even more important if you use the number for business. As it would be very costly to inform all of your clients about your new phone number.