How to report Chromebook issues to Google

The Chromebook and the operating system it runs on Chrome OS are known for being fast, secure, and easy to use. It’s without question I’ve experienced very few issues when using Chrome OS compared to other operating systems.

That being said, that does not mean you’ll not come across issues when using your Chromebook. Some of these issues may be something directly linked to your Chromebook or anyone who owns the same model. Other issues may be widespread and have an impact on anyone using a Chromebook.

It’s important to recognise not all issues are going to be linked to Chrome OS or your Chromebook. Some issues may have arisen because of what you’ve done when using your Chromebook.

Understanding the issue you’re experiencing

When we get a new laptop we tend to experiment a lot at the beginning. It’s great to check out what your new laptop is capable of. When it comes to Chrome OS this most likely includes surfing the internet or installing Android Apps. You may have even decided to install Linux, so you can take advantage of all the free software available.

Something else we may like to use is Chrome extensions. Chrome extensions help in many ways when using the Chrome browser. It’s important to make sure any extension you use is trusted and safe to use. How to run a Chrome safety check on your Chromebook.

All of these tasks available on Chrome OS means you may come across issues. It’s important to know when the issues are self-inflicted or whether they are directly linked to your Chromebook or Chrome OS.

It’s very easy to assume the problems you’re having are down to the operating system or your Chromebook. However, a lot of the time issues may be linked to what we’ve installed on our Chromebook.

Before reporting an issue

Before you report an issue with your Chromebook. You should have a think about what you’ve done recently. If the issue is something new, which was not a problem a few days before. Have a think about what you’ve possibly installed since or what settings you may have changed.

I remember many years ago I reported an issue to Google about Google Docs not syncing correctly. I checked online and could not find anyone else experiencing these problems. I was convinced it was an issue with Chrome OS.

At a later date, I found the issue was in fact a problem with an extension I had installed. The extension was not malicious in any way. However, it somehow caused the issues I experienced when syncing docs. Once I uninstalled the extension the issue went away.

This is why it’s important to check that it may not be something you’ve unintentionally caused. Google will only help or get in contact if they can see the problem is linked to Chrome OS. If not, then you’ll be left to figure it out yourself. This may sound unhelpful, but they are not IT support when it comes to issues that are possibly caused by third-party apps or extensions.

How to report issues to Google

A good example of an issue I knew was nothing related to what I had done. Was when I recently bought a new Chromebook. I noticed there was an issue with the speakers on my Asus CX5, which had nothing to do with anything I had done.

The problem I had with the speakers was something that was related to either my Chromebook or Chrome OS. This was a good example of something worth reporting to Google. Firstly, I hoped this would fix the issue. Also, providing google with issues you find is a great way of giving them the data needed to fix the problem.

To report an issue you may find on your Chromebook. You can simply hold down Alt+Shift+i. This will present you with a new window similar to the dialogue box below. You can then report the issue to Google.

Report a Chromebook issue dialogue box


If you’ve come across an issue on your Chromebook. It’s always best to check to see if you’ve unintentionally caused this. This is always something I would recommend doing before reaching for help.

If you’re convinced the issues you’re experiencing are directly linked to your Chromebook or Chrome OS. It’s good to know you can report these issues directly to Google from your Chromebook.

The good news is Chrome OS is an extremely stable operating system. Therefore, you should hopefully not come across too many issues when using your Chromebook computer.