How to remove a paired Bluetooth device from your Chromebook

Bluetooth is a great technology because it allows you to connect hardware to your Chromebook without the need for wires. There are many different types of Bluetooth devices and if you’re anything like me you may also have a number of Bluetooth headphones.

When you first pair a new Bluetooth device with your Chromebook it takes anything from ten to thirty seconds for the pairing to take place. Once this is done the device will be stored under Bluetooth so you can easily connect to the device in the future.

This is great because you should not need to go through the pairing process again. You simply click on the device you want to connect, and it should then connect automatically using Bluetooth. It’s a good idea to keep your Bluetooth paired devices to a minimum. There is no point having paired devices, which you no longer use.

For example, you may have upgraded your Bluetooth headphones for a newer set. If you’ve done this and you no longer own the older pair. Then you will want to remove the old pair of headphones from your Chromebook.


Time needed: 2 minutes

Follow the steps below to remove a paired Bluetooth device from your Chromebook:

  1. Go to your Bluetooth settings

    Left-click on the menu at the bottom right of your Chromebook desktop. Then left-click on the small white arrow pointing down next to Bluetooth.step 1 - remove a bluetooth device from a Chromebook

  2. Click on the Bluetooth settings cog

    Left-click on the settings cog.step 2 - how to remove a bluetooth device from your Chromebook

  3. Choose the device you want to remove

    You will now see a list of paired Bluetooth devices. At the right of each device name, you’ll see three dots. Left-click on the three dots associated with the device you want to remove. In this example, there are two headphones paired with the Chromebook. We are removing the paired device ‘DR-BTN200’. step 3 - remove bluetooth from chromebook

  4. Remove the device

    Once you’ve clicked on the three dots you’ll see a pop-up menu. Left-click on ‘remove from list’.step 4 - removing a bluetooth device from your chromebook

  5. Check to see if the device is removed

    Go back to your Bluetooth settings (step 1). You should now see the device is no longer showing as a paired Bluetooth device.step 5 - check to see if paired bluetooth device has been removed

That’s it. You’ve now removed the Bluetooth device from your Chromebook. If you still own the device to connect it in the future you would need to go through the pairing process again.