How to manage your Chromebook Notifications

Whether you love them or hate them notifications on any device can be really useful. Especially if you’re someone who likes to deal with issues as they arise. Notifications help you remember things you need to get done, but they can also be very distracting at the same time.

If you’re out and about on your day off then you don’t usually mind getting notifications. However, if you’re working notifications from social media, which is not work-related tend to take you away from your work. Luckily, you can manage the notifications you receive on your Chromebook, so you can decide when you’d like to get notified.

You’ll also find there are different ways to manage notifications when using Chrome OS. This is pretty standard with most computers. I personally like being able to do things in different ways because everyone is different. So we’ll look at all the different ways you can manage Notifications on your Chromebook. Including setting permissions for individual apps.


If you’re busy working and just want to block all notifications you can do this easily on your Chromebook. You don’t need to mess about going into your settings. It’s available directly from your desktop.

To do this left-click on the menu at the bottom right of your screen. Then left-click on the notifications icon as shown in the image below.

How to block all notifications on your Chromebook

Once you’ve done this the icon should turn blue similar to what you can see in the image below. This means all notifications are now blocked. You will not receive any notifications from Chrome OS or any Android app whilst this is highlighted in blue. To start receiving notifications again simply left-click on the icon again.

Notification icon turns blue when notifications turned off on your Chromebook


So we’ve just looked at how you can block all notifications from Chrome OS. However, you may not want to do this. For example, you may be expecting a message from WhatsApp and it’s important you don’t miss this.

The Chromebook allows you to manage notifications for the individual apps you have installed on your Chromebook. This is good to see because notifications can become frustrating. Especially if the notifications from some apps are not too important for you.

How to manage notifications from individual apps on your Chromebook:

Left-click on the menu at the bottom right of your Chromebook display. As you can see from the image below it currently shows Notifications are on for all apps.

Notifications on for all apps on Chromebook

Left-click on the ‘notifications on for all apps’ and you’ll then see a list of your apps similar to the image below. This shows a list of all the apps you’ve installed on your Chromebook. It also shows settings for apps installed as standard on Chrome OS. An example of this is the ‘Camera’ and ‘Files’, which you can also see on the image below.

Next to each app, you’ll see a tick box. By default, all of the apps are ticked, which means you’ll receive notifications. You can scroll through the list of apps and deselect any apps you’d prefer not to receive any notifications from.

You can easily recognise if you’ve disabled notifications for some of your apps. Whereas in a previous image it stated ‘Notifications on for all apps’. When you’ve disabled notifications for specific apps. This status changes to ‘Notifications off for an app’, as you can see from the image below. This is really helpful because it’s a good reminder that you’ve turned off notifications. It’s a good way to let you know that you may want to take another look at your notification settings. After all, the way you have notifications setup will have a lot to do with what you’re currently working on.

Notifications off for an app is displayed when you have disabled notifications for a specific app on your chromebook

That’s it. This is one of the easiest ways to manage your notifications on your Chromebook.