How to do basic image editing on a Chromebook

You can do basic image editing on a Chromebook without having to install an Android app. There are plenty of Android apps available to edit images, but you can do without these for basic image editing.

If all you need to do is a crop, resize and adjust the colour and brightness. The best tool for this is the built-in image editor in Chrome OS. The Chrome OS image editor is easy to use and avoids you having to install any extra apps. Find out how to use the Chrome OS built-in image editor.

An important part of image editing is changing the image file format and the file size of the image. If you need to edit images for the web, then you’ll most likely be looking at reducing the file size as much as possible.

Luckily, there is a web app you can use in conjunction with the built-in Chrome OS editor to do this. The web app was created by Google and is very easy to use.

Using Squoosh to change the file format and size

The Squoosh app created by Google is perfect for two things. Saving an image file in a different image format and adjusting the file size of the image.

It’s really easy to use and you can access it by simply typing into your web browser address bar.

Squoosh is easy to use and is free
Squoosh is great for changing file format and size

There are a few options available but I would avoid the resize function. I’m not sure why but it has a huge impact on the quality of the image. This is why I’d recommend changing the size of the image in the Chrome image editor first.

All the other functions you have available on Squoosh work really well. These include reducing the colour palette, changing image format and image quality. All of these functions help to reduce the file size of the image.

You can see the changes before saving your work

The great thing is you can see how your changes would impact the image quality. You have a bar that you can drag horizontally across the screen. Everything to the right is how it would look with the new image settings. What you see on the left of the bar is the original image.

Using Squoosh on your Chromebook
Drag the bar left to right to see how the image will be impacted by your changes

This allows you to move the bar slowly across the image, so you can change the image settings and check every detail to make sure the image is still usable. At the bottom right of the screen. You’ll see the new file size of the image if you choose to save it with the new settings. This is great because you can instantly see how your changes would impact the file size.

There are also advanced settings that you can adjust too. Personally speaking, you can get away without using these and still dramatically reduce the file size. However, it’s good the advanced settings are available should you want to tweak the image further.