How to change your Chromebooks mouse cursor

Have you ever been using your computer when you suddenly cannot find your mouse cursor? I can definitely say I’ve had this problem on many occasions and it can be very frustrating. If you have then you’ll be happy to know you can now change your mouse cursor on your Chromebook. Chrome OS has been offering more of these little changes in the last couple of years, which is really great to see. Sure, it may not be the most exciting update, but it does allow you to customise your Chromebook a little.

So whether you are looking to customise your Chromebook or whether changing the mouse cursor will help you when navigating your computer. We’ll take a look at how you can now change the mouse cursor settings in Chrome OS. It’s straightforward to do, and it allows you to change the cursor size, colour and another great feature is to highlight the cursor when moved. This will save you from having to frantically move the mouse around the display, so you can see where the cursor is. I’m sure we’ve all done it, so let’s make using our Chromebooks a little easier.


Follow the steps below to find the settings on Chrome OS that allows you to change your mouse cursor settings:

If you’d prefer to watch a video then I’ve made one that shows what you need to do. Watch my YouTube video on how to change mouse size and colour.

  • Left-click with your mouse on the system menu at the bottom right of your Chromebooks desktop.
Chromebook system menu at bottom right of desktop
  • You’ll then be presented with extra options. Left-click on the settings cogs with your mouse.
Left click on the settings cog to reach your Chromebook settings menu
  • Once you have reached your Chromebook settings menu. Left Click on the advanced menu option on the left-hand side.
left click on the advanced menu on the left of your Chromebook settings
  • Staying on the left-hand side of the menu. Under the advanced menu left-click on accessibility as shown below.
left click on accessibility settings under the advanced options on your Chromebook
  • Once you’ve left-clicked on accessibility from the left-hand side of the menu. Scroll down on the right-hand side of the menu until you find the header Manage accessibility features.
manage accessibility features menu on your Chromebook
  • Inside the ‘manage accessibility features’ menu scroll down the page until you find the heading ‘Mouse and touchpad‘.
Mouse and touchpad settings on your Chromebook

You have now found the page, which will enable you to change the settings for your mouse cursor. The three most useful settings to customise your mouse cursor are ‘Show large mouse cursor‘, ‘Cursor colour‘ and ‘Highlight the mouse cursor when it’s moving‘.


This option speaks for itself. By selecting this option you will see the mouse cursor on your Chromebook increases in size dramatically. It changes the mouse cursor to the largest size possible. This is great if you have trouble seeing your mouse cursor. You do have the option of decreasing the size by adjusting the sliding scale left to right. If you choose to turn this option off in the future. The mouse cursor will default back to the original size.

Changing your mouse cursor size on your Chromebook using the sliding scale left to right


Another option you have is to change the colour of your mouse cursor. This is a good option because the mouse cursor by default is black. Most websites use a white background with black text, so it can make it difficult to see your mouse cursor. Changing the colour of your mouse cursor will make it much easier to spot; as it will stand out from the black text on your screen. Use this in conjunction with the mouse cursor size, and you’ll notice how easy you can make your mouse cursor more visible.

Chromebook menu to change your mouse cursor colour


Another option you have available is ‘Highlight the mouse cursor when it’s moving’. This is great if you struggle to see where the mouse cursor is when you’ve not used it for a while. It makes it much easier to spot because when you move your mouse. The cursor has a red circle around it, which makes it more visible than normal. When you stop moving your mouse the red circle disappears. Personally, I don’t think this option is right for me. However, I’m sure some may find it really useful. I can see how it would be beneficial if doing a presentation from a Chromebook onto a projector.

Highlight mouse cursor when moving option on Chrome OS

That’s it. I hope you’ve found this useful because it can really help to customise your Chromebook. Not only that, it’s great for anyone who may have difficulty navigating their Chromebook. It makes it much easier to find your mouse cursor when you’ve taken your eyes off it for a while. I’ve changed my mouse cursor settings, so I can easily find my mouse cursor going forward. The best thing to do is to have a play about with the settings until you find what suits you.