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How to add a screensaver to your Chromebook

Chrome OS has always offered a very lightweight operating system. It’s one of the great attractions when choosing to buy a Chromebook. This means the Chrome OS development team has always been careful about providing too many features to avoid offering a bloated operating system. In the last couple of years, we have started to see new features without any impact on performance. This shows if you do it right and take your time additional features are possible with Chrome OS.

This is great because every time new features are added to Chrome OS it gives us a chance to start to personalise our Chromebook or Chromebox computers. Not being able to personalise your Chromebook did put some off. However, the growth of the Chromebook means the operating system is ready for those little tweaks. This is needed to attract a much wider audience to Chrome OS.

One of the latest features is the possibility to add a screen saver to your Chromebook. If you’re unsure of what a screen saver is. It essentially changes the image shown on your screen when you’ve not used it for a while. Also, like the new Chrome OS screensaver, they can also provide you with useful information such as the weather and time. They are called screensavers because many years ago they were needed to stop the same picture being shown on the display. This is because the picture would burn into the actual screen. Today, this is unlikely going to be the case, so they are used mainly for aesthetic purposes.


To add a screensaver to your Chromebook follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the status bar menu at the bottom right of your Chromebook
  • Click on the settings cog
  • From the menu that appears click on personalisation
  • Click on Screensaver from the right-hand side of the menu
  • Switch the Screensaver on

That’s it. You’ve now got a screensaver set up on your Chromebook computer.

There are other options available. You’ll notice you can choose to show pictures from the ‘Art Gallery’. These are pictures readily available and provided by Chrome OS. You can choose to have your own pictures showing by selecting ‘Google Photos’. You’ll need to create a photo album from your Google Photos app to use this feature. You’ll also notice you can choose whether to show your local weather in Fahrenheit or Celsius.

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