How much storage space do you need on a Chromebook in 2020

Storage space on a Chromebook was not too important a few years ago. This all changed with the introduction of Android and Linux apps. So how much storage space do you need for your Chromebook?

The amount of space you need will depend on what you’ll be using your Chromebook for. If you’ll be mainly surfing the internet and streaming videos then you’ll not need too much space.

This is because you should be saving all of your files in the cloud using the Google Drive service. Google Drive works seamlessly with the Chromebook, so you’ve got no excuse to not be taking advantage of the cloud computing capabilities of the Chromebook.

If you’re intending on using Android apps then you will need to have a lot more storage. All Android and Linux apps install on your local storage space. So it’s important you’ve got enough space for all of your favourite Android apps.


To find out how much storage you should be looking for. Take a look at the video I’ve created on this page. This video goes into great detail of how much storage you’ll need.

It also looks at how much storage you should expect when buying a new Chromebook. This all depends on how much you’re spending. Budget Chromebooks will come with a lot less storage than a medium-range device. So before you go out and buy a new Chromebook make sure you watch this video.

The last thing you’ll want is to find out a couple of years down the line that you should have gone for extra storage space. You can of course add further storage to your Chromebook using a Micro SD card. This is a really cheap way to add extra storage. However, it’s important to recognise you cannot install Android apps on an SD card.