Google has slashed the price of Pixelbook in the USA

The news that Google has slashed the price of the Pixelbook in the USA will be great news for anyone in America looking to get the best Chromebook available right now. The Google Pixelbook has shown the whole world just how capable the Chromebook can be. The Pixelbook offers great all-round performance whether using in Chromebook or tablet mode. You can find out more in our Google Pixelbook Chromebook review.

Google has slashed the price of Pixelbook ready for Christmas

It’s no surprise that the lowering of the price of the Pixelbook comes as Christmas is just around the corner. The Google Pixelbook is without question the best Chromebook available on the market right now.

It may not be so good news for Apple though because for the first time Google can offer a laptop that not only competes with the Apple MacBook Pro but can outperform it.

The Apple MacBook Pro has always been a laptop people buy when they are wanting a top performing laptop. A few years ago the idea of a Chromebook being able to compete against the MacBook Pro would have seemed crazy.

Pixelbook vs Apple MacBook Pro for Christmas sales

Apple will have to bring something out of the bag if they want to compete with the Google Pixelbook this Christmas. The news that Google has slashed the price of the Pixelbook in the USA means tough competition for Apple in the Christmas rush.

The Google Pixelbook gives Christmas shoppers a bit of a headache if they are considering buying the best performing laptop available. Any tech-savvy shopper out there will soon come to realise that the Apple MacBook Pro is no longer the king of power performing laptops, as the Google Pixelbook can offer just the same performance, if not a bit more.

Great news for Chromebook fans

This is great news for Chromebook fans because it means you can now get your hands on the best performing Chromebook, to date, at a much cheaper price. The price of the Google Pixelbook in the USA is now competitively priced to match any top performing laptop.

Whether there will be a drop in the price of the Google Pixelbook in the UK for Christmas we don’t yet know. However, you’ll definitely find out about it from us if it does. So if you’re considering buying a new Chromebook for Christmas in the UK, maybe hold on for a bit to see if the prices drop over the next couple of weeks.