Google Sheets – A guide on how to use a Google spreadsheet

Google sheets is a free spreadsheet program available to everyone. Whether you use Chrome OS, Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac. You can use the powerful Google Sheets to get your spreadsheet work done. All you need is a Google Account and you’re good to go.

This guide will always be a work in progress because there is so much to know about using a spreadsheet. If you’ve used a spreadsheets program before like Excel. Then you may already know some of the information in this guide.

You’ll find guides for the complete basics and the more advanced tasks and functions you’re likely to use with Google Sheets.

Google Sheets – The Basics

There are many different Spreadsheet programs available. Although these programs are presented differently, they generally work very much in the same way. This is why it’s important to understand the basics of spreadsheets. Whether you’re using Excel, Google Sheets or another spreadsheet program. Understanding the basic principles will help.

Understanding the basics of spreadsheets – Find out the basics that everyone needs to know about how spreadsheets work and what they are capable of. Getting to grips with the basics will help you move onto what spreadsheets were made for, which is data analysis and calculations.

Adding numbers in Google Sheets – Learn how to add numbers using Google Sheets. One of the most basic of calculations you’ll regularly do on a spreadsheet. You’ll find out that there are many different ways to do a calculation using Google Sheets.

Subtracting in Google Sheets – Learn how to subtract numbers in a spreadsheet. Again, you’ll see how there is more than one way to get the desired result, which is why spreadsheets such as Google Sheets are so flexible.

Multiplying in Google Sheets – Learn how to multiply numbers in Google Sheets.

How to divide numbers in Google Sheets – Find out how you divide numbers when using Google Sheets.

Formatting in Google Sheets

There are many different ways to format a spreadsheet in Google Sheets. Some formatting may be cosmetic to make a spreadsheet look more visually appealing. Other types of formatting are more practical such as changing a numeric value to show in a specific currency.

How to wrap text in Google Sheets – Wrapping text in a spreadsheet is something you’ll most likely need to use. Wrapping text allows you to keep the spreadsheet in a certain format and is a very useful tool. Find out more about how wrapping text works in Google Sheets.

Applying conditional formatting in Google Sheets – Conditional formatting is a really useful tool and it helps to analyse data on your spreadsheet. It can help give you an instant snapshot of a situation. It’s used widely in the business world because it makes it easy to understand the data in front of you.

How to add or remove decimal places in Google Sheets – Find out how to add or remove decimal places when using numbers in Google Sheets.

Using and changing the currency in Google Sheets – Find out how to add a currency to your numbers in Google Sheets. Also, how to change the default currency, so you can show the currency of your choice.

Merging cells in Google Sheets – You may want to merge specific cells in Google Sheets. This is usually done to make the data clearer to read and visually appealing.

Using Functions in Google Sheets

There are hundreds of functions available to use in Google Sheets. These functions are one of the reasons why spreadsheets are so useful and powerful to the end-user.

Average – Find out how to use the average function when using Google Sheets. This function makes averaging easy and is useful in many different situations.

Vlookup – The vlookup is one of the most well known and used functions used with spreadsheets. It’s an extremely powerful function that allows you to match data easily. Once you understand how the vlookup works you’ll find many different ways in how it can help you on future spreadsheet projects.