Google Pixel 4 Mobile Phone Review

Google has been making mobile phones for some time now and it’s fair to say they are pretty good at it. They had the Nexus range of mobile phones, which sold really well before moving onto the Pixel range. So it makes sense you’ll be expecting a lot from this Google Pixel 4 mobile phone review.

Most of the Pixel phones that have been released have done really well both in the USA and UK. There are many reasons for this but the very fact you’re getting a phone designed and manufactured by Google; is usually a good enough reason for people to part with their hard-earned cash.

That’s the thing before you even get into looking at the internals. When it comes to products designed by Google, you can always be guaranteed that they are going to wow you. They not only look cool, but they are always well built.

So let’s take a look at the latest phone from Google and see whether they’ve still managed to pull it off.


The Pixel 4 offers something different to what you may be used to when it comes to the design. In fact, you could say the design is practical. Usually, this means the device isn’t much to look at, but Google has managed to bring practical and cool looks together. This in itself is a pretty hard task to undertake.

The aluminium body with its curved edges makes the Pixel 4 a nice phone to hold in your hand. Google has also opted for a finish using a rubber coating. This is something I’ve not seen from any other flagship device.

You might think a rubber coating is not going to look good. However, you’d definitely be wrong there. Yes, it takes a while to get used to but you soon realise that it not only looks good its a really good practical step.

The rubberised finish gives you an amazing grip on the phone, which is not something you normally get from a high-end device. This is great to see because how many times have you nearly dropped your phone because it’s so slippy in your hands.


You’ll not be disappointed with the performance you get from the Pixel 4 phone. It comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chip. This gives the phone all the necessary power you’ll need for Android Gaming and other powerful apps you may use on your phone.

It also comes with 6GB of RAM, which is a 2GB increase compared to previous Pixel devices. This extra RAM and the processor means you’ll not come across any performance issues when using the phone on a daily basis.

4GB of RAM on an Android phone works just fine. This is because the Android OS plays hardcore when it comes to a phone that starts to run out of RAM. Find out more about how Android OS uses RAM and how much you need when buying a new phone.

However, I’m sure anyone into serious Android games will be happy with the extra RAM you get from the Pixel 4. Sure, the 6GB of RAM isn’t the most you can get from a flagship phone today. Some phones are now coming with 8GB, but this is definitely overkilling and is simply not needed.


The Pixel 4 is available in two different storage configurations. You can get either 64GB or 128GB.

How much you should choose will depend on what you’ll use the phone for. 64GB is a decent amount for most people. You’ll obviously pay extra for the 128GB model, so you could only really consider this if you know the 64GB is not going to be enough.


This is something I’ve always loved about Google phones. They always release a model with a display that is not huge. I understand a lot of people like a huge display, but there are many people who prefer a smaller phone that is easier to carry around with you.

Also, if the Pixel 4 display is not big enough for you, then you can always check out the Pixel 4 XL, which comes with a much larger display.

The Pixel 4 comes with a 5.7-inch display, which makes it slightly smaller than most of the other flagships around. This is great for anyone who is looking for a smaller flagship mobile phone.

The OLED display is bright and the colours are beautifully rich. The display offers full HD with a 1080P resolution and the 90 Hz refresh rate really makes the display visuals stunning to look at.

This 90Hz refresh rate means that it refreshes at a much faster rate than most other flagship phones that refresh at just 60Hz. This is really noticeable when scrolling down the page on social media platforms such as Facebook.

You get a totally smooth scrolling experience and it’s simply fantastic. Gamers will also love the 90Hz because your favourite games will play a whole lot smoother than ever before.


When it comes to mobile phones the camera is a really important feature. Many of us today take snaps when we’re out and about to upload to our favourite social media platform.

Android phones, generally speaking, have always provided much better cameras than what you get from Apple. So you’d expect the latest phone from Google not to disappoint.

Amazing picture at night
Google Pixel 4 takes amazing pictures day or night

Well, the great news is that the camera on the Pixel 4 is simply outstanding. It’s definitely one of the best features of the phone. The pictures you get from the Pixel 4 will simply shock you. The quality you get is something you’d expect to see from a top of the range camera and not a mobile phone.

Whether you’re taking photos in the day or night, the results will be spectacular. Cameras on phones have long struggled with taking night-time snaps. Well, this is no longer the case with the Pixel 4.

The front of the phone boasts an 8-megapixel camera, which is ideal for taking those selfie-shots. 8-megapixel on the front end is pretty impressive. However, it’s the cameras on the back of this device that will amaze you.

This is thanks to the technology inside the Pixel 4. It comes with two cameras on the back of the device. One is a 16-megapixel and the other is a 12-megapixel camera. This allows for much steadier photos to be taken.

It also means you do not lose quality when zooming in and the two cameras are one of the reasons why the camera is so good at taking photos at night. I’ll say it, I think this is the best camera you’ll get on any phone out there right now.


One of the great benefits of getting a phone made by Google is that you don’t have to wait for the operating system updates.

All other manufacturers like to tweak the operating system, so it stays in line with their brand and offers the apps they want you to use. The Pixel 4 comes with the standard operating system, which means you’ll get updates before anyone else.

The Pixel 4 comes with Android 10. This is the latest operating system for Android, so you’ll have all the new features available at your fingertips.


It’s rarely easy to find a phone that has no flaws. Unfortunately, although the Pixel 4 is almost perfect it does let itself down a little when it comes to battery life.

That being said, you should still be able to get a day out of the battery, but this may be less depending on what you use the phone for. It’s worth remembering any phone that comes with a powerful processor and amazing camera isn’t going to offer much in the way of battery life.

It’s also worth remembering the Pixel 4 is a small compact device, and this does impact the battery performance that is on offer.

The good news is that the phone comes with excellent battery technology. This technology allows you to get from a dead battery to just over 50% in about 40 minutes. So if you’re out for long periods of time during the day, just make sure you take your charger with you.


If you’re after a small compact flagship phone then the Pixel 4 is definitely one to consider. It’s beautifully designed and comes in three different colours.

The performance is great and you’ll not come across any problems even when using the most demanding of apps.

It’s let down a little by the battery life, but when you consider the size and performance of the device. I’m not sure whether you should let that get in the way of buying this device.

One thing you will need to consider is that it does not come with fingerprint recognition. This is pretty odd being that most of us access our banking and other apps using fingerprint recognition.

Instead, Google has gone with facial recognition, which works fine. The only issue is it will take some time for app developers to support facial recognition.

Apart from that. I cannot recommend this phone enough. The camera simply amazes day or night, which makes this the perfect choice for anyone who likes to upload stunningly beautiful photos to their social media accounts.

So I hope this Google Pixel 4 mobile phone review has been useful. There are plenty of phones out there right now to choose from. I’m sure you’ll not be disappointed with what the Pixel 4 offers.