Google celebrates Pride with new Chrome OS wallpaper category

Around the world the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender community along with their Heterosexual friends and family celebrate Pride. Pride events take place throughout the summer months, but June is Pride month for most countries.

To celebrate this Google has launched a new wallpaper section for Chrome OS. This is a great way to get involved in the Pride events that will take place throughout the summer. Google always looks for ways to celebrate the LGBT+ community, and it’s great to see they’ve added some really cool wallpapers for the occasion.

I never forget the time when I attended Pride in Brighton, which is the gay capital of the UK. I needed to check some road names to see the route of the Pride parade. It was really great to see that Google had highlighted the whole route on Google maps with the Rainbow colours used throughout the LGBT+ community. It’s these little things that make people feel included and accepted.

Some of the Pride wallpapers available on your Chromebook

There are many wallpapers you can choose from to celebrate Pride month. I’ve added some of them below, so you can see some of the new wallpapers you can now apply to your Chromebook desktop.

Derek Abella
Carlos Aponte
Derek Abella
Derek Abella

If you want to get involved and celebrate Pride month in 2022. You’ll find the new wallpapers available on your Chromebook. Find out how to change your Chromebook wallpaper.