Get £150 cashback on your next Chromebook in the UK

If you live in the UK or Ireland and considering buying a new Chromebook. Then you may be interested in this cashback offer. Until 24 December 2021, you can get up to £150 cashback when you buy a Chromebook from selected retailers.

This is a great offer and a wide range of Chromebooks are included in the deal. A dedicated website is available to manage your cashback transaction. To claim the cashback you simply need to purchase a qualifying Chromebook from a qualifying retailer.

You need to ensure you start the claim process within 30 days of buying your Chromebook. Once you’ve started your claim you’ll be able to claim the cashback from day thirty up to day sixty. So it’s important you remember the dates and make sure you do everything needed to receive your cashback.

Qualifying Chromebooks and retailers

For a Chromebook to qualify for the cashback. The retail price must range from £349 and £700+. Although this is the only qualifying factor I would ensure the retailer has information about the cashback offer for the Chromebook you’re interested in.

You must also buy your new Chromebook from a qualifying retailer. The list of these retailers you can find below:

The cashback amount will depend on the price of the Chromebook. The more expensive the Chromebook is the more cashback you can claim. See further details below:

£349 – £499.99 – cashback amount £50

£500 – £699.99 – cashback amount £75

£700+ – cashback amount £150

The offer is available until 24 December 2021. If you want to take advantage of this offer I’d act soon. It’s the perfect offer for anyone looking to buy a Chromebook for Christmas.

How to make your claim

Once you’ve bought your Chromebook you can claim your cashback from Although I’ve explained the main terms above. Please ensure you read all the information you need to before buying a Chromebook.

I’ve noticed the website states you need to claim within 30 days. However, the Currys website suggests you need to make a claim within 14 days. Therefore, you may want to check on this a little further to ensure you don’t miss out on this excellent offer.


If you’re looking for a new Chromebook then this is an excellent offer. Whether you’d like to get your hands on a Google Pixelbook Go, Asus C434, Asus CX5, or Acer 713 to name a few. This offer allows you to get your hands on a new Chromebook at a much cheaper price.

From what I can see. You can also take advantage of any offers the retailer is also offering. Therefore, if a retailer has a Chromebook on sale. You can still take advantage of the cashback offer providing the retail price of the Chromebook after the retail offer still fits within the price ranges mentioned above.