Free Samsung 4 Chromebook with Tesco Mobile

Are you looking for an upgrade for your Android phone? If so, you may be interested in this latest deal from Tesco Mobile. You can currently get your hands on a Samsung Galaxy A13 Android phone and as part of the deal get a free Samsung Chromebook 4.

You can either choose a pay-as-you-go contract where you pay for the phone upfront. Alternatively, you can choose a monthly phone contract and spread the cost. Contract lengths start at 12 months right up to 36 months, so you have plenty of contract options to choose from. If that isn’t enough, you can even reduce the monthly price of your mobile contract if you have a Tesco Clubcard.

There are plenty of tariffs to choose from. Starting at £9 per month for 1GB of data right up to £29 per month for unlimited data. All of the contracts include unlimited calls and texts. Important if you use your phone for what they were originally designed for, which is to talk with others.

Samsung A13 Android phone

When it comes to choosing an Android phone you can’t really go wrong with Samsung. They are definitely considered market leaders, and there is a reason for this. Even their budget Android phones offer excellent specs.

The Full HD+ will look great on the 6.6-inch phone display. If you like phones with a big display then this is definitely a phone you may be interested in. It also comes with a 50-mega-pixel quad camera and an 8-mega-pixel selfie camera. Find out more about the A13 phone on the Samsung website.

Samsung Chromebook 4

The Samsung Chromebook 4, which you get free when you purchase the A13 Android phone from Tesco. Is a budget Chromebook that is more than capable and is perfect for anyone looking for a compact 11.6-inch laptop. It looks pretty cool as well and looks a lot more expensive than it actually is.

Perfect for adults or children, and is a Chromebook that is widely used by schools across the UK. It comes with 4GB of RAM, which is more than enough. Find out if 4GB of RAM is enough for your Chromebook. It comes with 32GB of storage, which may not sound like a lot, but you don’t need as much storage on a Chromebook as you do with a Windows laptop.

Samsung Chromebook 4
Get the Samsung Chromebook 4 for free at Tesco Mobile

In fact, I did a little test on how much I could install on a Chromebook with 32GB of storage and was pretty impressed. I actually struggled to run out of storage space even after I installed plenty of Android apps. The fact this is a budget Chromebook, which can be used to install Android apps, surf the internet, watch YouTube or Netflix or listen to your favourite music whilst catching up with your social media. You really don’t need to be concerned about the storage on offer here. However, if you’re unsure about how much storage you need? Find out more about how much storage you might need for your Chromebook.

Android phones and Chromebooks work together

If you’ve never owned a Chromebook before you’ll be impressed with how it works so closely with your Android phone. In fact, Google has been working hard to add extra functionality to both Android and ChromeOS, so both devices can work together seamlessly.

For example, you can take a photo on your phone and with a simple click on your Chromebook desktop have that picture downloaded to your laptop. This is something I use on a regular basis because it avoids me having to send the pic over Bluetooth or by another time-consuming method. Find out how to get instant access to your Android phone images on your Chromebook. Alternatively, you can easily share files between your Android phone and Chromebook using Nearby Share.

You can even set up your Chromebook, so you can view and reply to text messages received on your Android phone. They work together so well that if you own an Android phone then it makes sense to own a Chromebook.


If you’re looking to upgrade your phone then this deal from Tesco Mobile is worth considering. Not only will you get your hands on a Samsung phone on a competitive phone contract. You’ll also get a Samsung Chromebook 4 for free. What isn’t to love?