Free pair of headphones and Acer Chromebook for just £279.99

If you’re looking for a new Chromebook you might be interested in this deal. You not only get your hands on a brand new Acer Chromebook. You’ll also get a free pair of Acer headphones at the same time. Like most people, I love a bargain and these types of deals where you get additional extras are something not to be sniffed at.

This is the new improved Acer 314 Chromebook. Improvements include a Full HD display rather than SD. Also, instead of an Intel Celeron dual-core processor, it comes with a Pentium quad-core.

I’ve had a look and I cannot see any date when this offer may end. Therefore, I’d act quickly if you’re interested because the offer might be for a limited time only.

The only issue is the listing does not really give you any information on the headphones. As far as I can make out there is a picture of them with the laptop, but that is about it. However, you can see they are Acer headphones, and they look pretty decent from a build quality point of view. Unsure how they will sound like because without any model information it’s difficult to do any research. That being said, the fact they are free then you may be happy just to hope the headphones produce a decent sound.

Free Acer headphones with the new 314 chromebook
Free pair of Acer headphones included with the new improved Acer 314 Chromebook

Acer 314 Chromebook with a free pair of headphones

If you’re looking for a cheap laptop then the Acer 314 might be a good choice. It’s a budget laptop, but you don’t need to worry too much about that. Even budget laptops with an entry-level processor still perform well thanks to Chrome OS being extremely lightweight. Also, this is the new and improved Acer 314 that comes with a quad-core Pentium, which is a big improvement on the older model.

The Intel Pentium quad-core processor with a base speed of 1.1GHz and a turbo speed of 2.7GHz. Will easily deal with most of the tasks you’ll want to carry out on your laptop. This includes browsing the internet, social media, watching YouTube or Netflix movies, word processing, spreadsheets and Android Apps. This list isn’t exhaustive, as it’s just a guide on what this Chromebook will be capable of. The fact you’re getting four cores compared to two cores on the original 314. You’ll find this model is much faster and therefore more capable.

It comes with 4GB of RAM, which is still more than enough for a laptop. You may hear people say you need 8GB of RAM. However, I don’t believe this to be true. Sure, if performance is really important then 8GB will be better than 4GB. That being said, you’ll easily be able to carry out the type of tasks I’ve mentioned above with 4GB. I own a few Chromebooks and one of them is a budget device with 4GB of RAM, and it works just fine. If you are still unsure, have a read of how much RAM you need for your Chromebook.

It comes with 64GB of storage

It’s important you have enough storage when buying a new laptop. Chrome OS does not need as much storage as a Windows computer because you do most things in the cloud. Therefore, if you’re new to Chrome OS you should not compare the storage with what an MS Windows computer needs.

The 64GB of storage offered here is enough for most tasks. I have a Chromebox with 64GB of storage and I’ve never had an issue with running out of space. I’ve easily installed plenty of Android Apps and saved a few video files locally. That being said, I did notice I could have done with more storage when using Linux Apps. If you’re considering using Linux Apps then you’ll still be fine, but you’ll be limited with the number of apps you can install at the same time.

If you’re not intending on using Linux Apps then you’ll find 64 GB is absolutely fine. Even if you intend to install plenty of Android Apps. It’s unlikely you’d run out of storage that easily. Android Apps will work without any issues on this laptop thanks to the quad-core Pentium.

Acer 314 with improved Full HD display and Pentium quad-core processor
Improved HD display and Intel Pentium quad-core processor

The improved Acer 314 HD display

If you’ve read reviews on other sites about the Acer 314 you may have been put off by the resolution. Many of these sites state that the Acer 314 uses an SD resolution of 1,366 by 768. This is true for some models, but not all models come with an SD resolution. This is why you need to watch out when reading reviews because it’s only truly accurate for the specific model the reviewer has been sent.

I can confirm, after doing some research, this particular Acer 314 Chromebook at Argos comes with a 14-inch display and a Full HD resolution of 1,920 by 1,080. It also has an IPS panel, which means you’ll get great viewing angles and colours will be more true to life and vivid.

This is a great improvement on the original Acer 314 that came with SD resolution and a TN panel. It’s good to see Acer made the right choice by upgrading this laptop. SD resolution on a 14-inch display is not good, so the Full HD available here is an excellent upgrade.


I would have said you may want to avoid this Chromebook. That was before Acer did something about the display. The new Acer 314 with Full HD resolution and IPS panel has made this a much more appealing Chromebook. When you consider the price of this laptop. It’s a really good deal thanks to the Full HD display with an IPS panel. That’s before we even look at the free pair of headphones that are included.

The processor has also seen an upgrade from the Intel Celeron to a Pentium, which you’ll definitely appreciate. The quad-core processor will handle tasks much better than the older 314 that only came with a dual-core Celeron.

It’s also good to see you get four USB ports. Two of the older USB Type-A ports, which is good if you have older peripherals you want to connect. You’ll also find two newer USB Type C ports, which can also be used to charge your Chromebook and connect an external display. The Micros SD slot also makes it easy to add further storage at a later date.

The Acer 314 with all the improvements Acer has made is now a great budget Chromebook. Just what I’ve always wanted to see in the budget range. Definitely worth considering. If you’re interested in the new Acer 314 Chromebook with a free pair of headphones, head on over to the Argos website.