Easily move files between Google Drive and OneDrive – ChromeOS

Many of us now use cloud storage because it’s much safer than saving our files locally on our computers. You no longer need to worry about backing up your files, and your files will still be available if you ever lose your Chromebook or it gets damaged beyond repair.

If you use a Chromebook then I’m sure you’ve used Google Drive. This is because Google Drive is the cloud storage option integrated into ChromeOS. It makes sense to use Google Drive because Google Docs is available by default for all Chromebook users.

Recently I’ve been really getting into using Microsoft 365 on my Chromebook. Yes, the days of not being able to use Microsoft Word or Excel on a Chromebook are over. The good news is Microsoft 365 now works really well on ChromeOS.

Microsoft 365 works with OneDrive

Just like Google Docs works better with Google Drive; it’s also the case that Microsoft 365 works better with One Drive. This is understandable because One Drive is Microsoft’s version of cloud storage. This means if you use both Google Docs and Microsoft 365 on your Chromebook, you’re most likely using both storage solutions.

Watch easy way to move Chromebook files in the cloud on YouTube

Until recently, it was a really clunky process to move files from Google Drive to OneDrive and vice versa. The easiest way, but it was certainly not perfect was to download files from one cloud storage to then immediately upload to the other. This didn’t really make sense, but there were not many other options available.

Thanks to a new ChromeOS flag to help integrate Google Drive and OneDrive. You can easily move files from one cloud storage solution to the other. I’m really glad to see this integration because it’s now quick and easy to move files from one cloud provider to the other. Making it much easier to use your files on software created by both Google and Microsoft.


The Chromebook is now a great computer for using Microsoft Office. The fact you can now easily use Excel, Word, Outlook, Powerpoint, and many of the other MS Office apps on your Chromebook. Will surely see more people move over to ChromeOS.

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