Create and edit images on your Chromebook using GIMP

When it comes to creating and editing images on your Chromebook there are plenty of options. This is mainly down to the Android Apps you have available in the Play Store. Although these apps are great for doing certain things. None of them offer all the functionality you get when using a complete image editing program.

There are obviously subscription services to software such as Adobe, but you need to pay to use them. The good news is. You do have available a professional image editing program for your Chromebook. It’s called GIMP and it offers everything you need and it’s free to use.

To use this software you do need to have Linux installed on your Chromebook. If you’ve not yet used Linux then I would strongly suggest doing so. Gone are the days where Linux was something hard and difficult to use. Watch my video on how to install Linux and a Linux App Store on your Chromebook. Once you’ve done that you’ll find installing Linux apps on your Chromebook is extremely easy.

There is a learning curve

The great news about GIMP is that you’re getting your hands on a full software program. The bad news is this does mean you’ll need to understand how it works. Learning a new image editing program does take time, so you need to accept it’s something you’ll learn over time.

I personally love learning new edit imaging programs because I find it fun at the same time. If you’ve never used a full image editing program before you may feel a little overwhelmed. However, I would suggest the best thing you can do is just to jump straight in.

As you start using all the different functions you’ll soon pick up what the program is capable of. I’ll also help you with this by providing some how-to videos on my YouTube channel. So if you’ve not already subscribed. I would recommend doing so because I have many useful how-to videos for the Chromebook and Chrome OS.

Using GIMP on your Chromebook
How GIMP looks on startup

The benefits of GIMP

The good thing about learning GIMP is that it will offer everything you need for creating and editing images. The learning curve may be a little steep, but once you’ve grasped the basics. You’ll realise the true potential this program provides.

It will stop you from having to use different Android Apps to get an image edited. It includes layers, which is really useful when editing images. You’ll also find there are plenty of export options, which is another important option when working with images.

GIMP exporting options

When you’ve created your masterpiece using GIMP on your Chromebook. You’ll want to be able to export the image. When you save an image in GIMP it’s saved using an extension compatible with GIMP.

This is really important because it means you can go back and edit the image at a later date. However, the extensions GIMP uses are not standard image extensions. Therefore, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to use these images for whatever you’ve created them for. This is because the software will unlikely recognise the file as an image.

This is pretty standard with image editing programs. However, some do use an extension that is recognised as standard, GIMP does not. There is nothing to worry about though because you can export the image using well-known extensions such as PNG and JPG.


If you’re looking for a full image editing program for your Chromebook. Then I would strongly suggest using GIMP. It will take some time before you feel confident using the software. However, once you’ve mastered an image editing program. You’ll not be able to do without it.

When it comes to image editing. It’s one of those things where you’ll always be learning. You’ll find new ways of doing things even six months down the line. This is what I love about full image editing programs. They have so much depth that you keep on learning new things along the way.

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