Chromebook is the best choice when buying a cheap laptop

Chromebooks when originally released were known for being laptops that were cheap to buy. It’s definitely the case this is one of the reasons why the Chromebook became popular when originally launched. Since then we’ve seen Chromebooks become a lot more expensive. You can still get one on the cheap, but most of them today can cost a lot more.

This is good news because it means there is a Chrome OS laptop out there for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a top of the range laptop or a budget one. You’ll find you have more choice when buying a Chromebook today than we’ve ever had before.

There is still a large number of people who are looking to buy a cheap laptop. Usually, this is because they only need a laptop for a number of tasks. If you’re looking for a laptop to surf the internet, use social media and do some word processing and video streaming. Then it makes sense to only spend what you need to spend.

A cheap Chromebook is a great option

When you’re considering buying a cheap laptop there are a few things that you’ll need to understand. First of all, is the performance. A cheap laptop will always come with a low-powered processor. This is usually the main component that allows a manufacturer to offer us a cheap laptop. Build quality is another thing that will keep the cost of a laptop low. Build quality isn’t really an issue because it will unlikely have an impact on how you use your laptop.

Performance is an important factor for anyone who wants to own a laptop. Ideally, we would all like to own a laptop that performs at great speeds. However, this is usually only possible if your laptop comes with a fast processor. Faster processors cost a lot of money and therefore it’s unlikely you’d find such a processor in a cheap laptop.

The great thing about Chrome OS, which is the operating system used for Chromebooks is that it’s lightweight. This means you can use a laptop running Chrome OS with a budget processor and still get decent performance. It will not be able to compete with the performance you’d get from a more expensive Chromebook with a faster processor. However, you can still use a Chromebook with a budget processor to complete many tasks.

Cheap Microsoft Windows laptops

The same cannot be said for laptops that are built to run on Microsoft Windows. MS Windows is not a lightweight operating system, and to get the most from a Windows laptop you need a high-spec processor. Even if you own an MS Windows laptop with a high-spec processor you’ll still notice it’s a lot slower at performing tasks than a Chrome OS computer.

A Windows laptop with a budget processor would be so frustrating to work with. You would be spending so much time waiting for the operating system to catch up on itself. That you would end up finding the whole experience extremely frustrating.

Acer 311 C722 Chromebook
Acer 311 C722 Chromebook

This is why a Chromebook is a much better choice if you’re looking to buy a cheap laptop. I’m currently writing this article on a Chromebook that cost less than £200. Yes, I bought the Acer 311 C722 for just £159.99. I’ve booted it up in less than 10 seconds and was logged into my website and writing this article in less than a minute. This would not be the case if I was using an MS laptop with the same budget processor.

Buy a Chromebook if you’re looking for a cheap laptop

I would definitely recommend buying a Chromebook if you want to spend as little as possible on a new laptop. You can truly get a lot done on a cheap laptop running Chrome OS. Whether that is internet surfing, social media, word processing or spreadsheets. Chrome OS is lightweight enough to work perfectly well on a laptop using a cheap processor.

The best value for money when it comes to buying a cheap laptop is a Chromebook. Also, a Chromebook does not deteriorate over time. Whether you’ve been using a budget Chromebook for six months or four years. The performance will be the same, which is something you simply do not get with MS Windows.

This is one of the reasons why I love Chrome OS. I love the fact I can have an expensive Chromebook for certain tasks, but I can also own a laptop costing less than £200 and still get stuff done. The Chromebook is the best option if you want a cheap laptop that works well. Check out these budget Chromebooks, which all perform perfectly well for basic tasks.