Chrome OS to receive updates every four weeks

At the moment Chrome OS is updated every six weeks. This is pretty impressive and is one of the reasons why the Chromebook is so popular. These updates provide extra functionality and fix any security flaws that may have arisen since the last update. Later this year Chrome OS will start to receive updates every four weeks. This will be the same update schedule as the Chrome Browser.

This will be happening in the last quarter of 2021 when we will see the release of Chrome OS 96. Your Chromebook will be jumping directly from Chrome OS 94 to Chrome OS 96. This means your Chromebook will not receive a Chrome OS 95 update. The reason for this is to bring the version numbers in line with the Chrome Browser.

Therefore, when Chrome OS 96 is released the Chrome Browser 96 update will also take place. Syncing the updates for both Chrome OS and the browser makes sense if they will both be receiving four weekly updates. This is great news for Chrome OS because it means you’ll not have to wait as long for security updates.

Staying safe when surfing online

Although the Chromebook is one of the safest consumer computers you can buy. There is always a risk of flaws being exploited. For the Chromebook to keep its position as one of the safest computers you can use. Receiving updates every four weeks compared to every six weeks is a huge benefit.

To stay safe online it’s strongly recommended to ensure your Chromebook is still receiving updates. If you’ve owned your Chromebook for more than five years or if you bought it second-hand. You may want to check if your Chromebook is still receiving updates. All Chromebooks receive Chrome OS updates, but these updates do stop once your Chromebook reaches its AUE Date. Most Chromebooks released from 2020 receive updates for at least eight years.

If your Chromebook has stopped receiving updates. Then I’d seriously consider upgrading to a newer Chromebook. If this is not an option, then you may want to install Cloud Ready on your Chromebook. This will mean you’ll lose Chrome OS, but you’ll still be able to surf online safely. Find out more about whether it’s safe to use your Chromebook after the AUE Date.