Chrome OS Devices

Below you’ll find a list of some of the most popular Chromebooks available. If you click on the links this will take you to a further page with a full review of the specifications. Perfect if you’ve got your eye on a couple of Chromebooks and are not sure, which one is right for you. If you need some further information on what makes a great Chromebook. Take a look at the Chromebooks that made it into my Top Ten Chromebooks 2022 list.


There are many manufacturers to choose from when buying a Chromebook. Below you’ll find the Chromebooks I’ve gathered extra information on. They’ve been broken down by the manufacturer to make it easier to find the Chrome OS computer you’re interested in.


Acer 317 (CB317 1H & CB317 1HT)Budget Spec
Acer 311 C722Budget Spec
Acer Spin 311Budget Spec
Acer 514 (CB514-1H)Budget Spec
Acer 514 (CB514-1HT)Budget Spec
Acer CB315 (CB315-3HT)Budget Spec
Acer 315 (CB315-3H-C2C3)Budget Spec
Acer Spin 13High Spec
Acer Spin 713High Spec
Acer 715 Medium Spec


Asus C223Budget Spec
Asus C302Medium spec
Asus C423Budget Spec
Asus C425Medium Spec
Asus C433Medium spec
Asus C434Medium spec
Asus C436Medium to High Spec
Asus CX1 (CX1100)Budget Spec
Asus CX5 / C536Medium to High spec


Google Pixelbook GoMedium/High Spec


HP 11 Chromebook x 2Budget Spec
HP 11.6-inch ChromebookBudget Spec
HP 14a (14a-na504sa)Budget Spec
HP x 360 (da0xxxna)Medium Spec


Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 3Budget Spec
Lenovo Ideapad DuetBudget Spec
Lenovo Ideapad 3i (11.6-inch)Budget Spec
Lenovo Ideapad 3i (14-inch)Budge Spec
Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5iMedium-Spec


Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2 360Budget-Spec
Samsung Galaxy ChromebookHigh-Spec
Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2Medium-Spec
Samsung 4 (11.6-inch)Budget Spec
Samsung 4 + (15.6-inch)Budget Spec

What is Chrome OS

Chrome OS is the operating system needed for a Chromebook or Chromebox to work. Any computer or smartphone needs an operating system to function. Some of the most popular operating systems for computers are Microsoft, Apple, and Chrome OS.

Chrome OS was created by Google and the first Chromebook became available in 2011. When Google launched Chrome OS it was obvious they had a completely different idea of how a computer should work. In the beginning, this caused many people to be uncertain of the Chromebook. This was because Chrome OS works differently. Fast forward to today, and many experts now agree Google got it right with Chrome OS.

The main difference between Chrome OS compared to Microsoft and Apple is that you do most things in the cloud. Microsoft Windows was created before the internet was mainstream. Because of this, the operating system has been created where you install programs locally. Chrome OS was created when the internet was more popular and we all had mobile phones. Therefore, Google was able to create a new operating system from the ground up with the internet in mind.

Instead of an operating system relying on installing programs locally. Chrome OS takes advantage of the fact that we now do most things on the internet. It’s no longer the case that you need to install programs on a computer to get things done. Chrome OS is the first consumer computer to offer cloud-based technology.

Android and Linux Apps

Although you can do most things on a Chromebook by visiting a website. You still have the ability to install programs locally. Many years ago a computer program was called just that, a program. Today they tend to be called apps, but they are still essentially computer programs.

Therefore, the idea that you can only use a Chromebook when working in the cloud is in fact false. You install Android and Linux apps locally, which is very similar to how you install computer programs locally with Microsoft. The main difference is the software is installed via the internet.

Android and Linux Apps offer great flexibility when using a Chrome OS computer. The type of apps you have available are almost endless, which means you can do just about anything on a Chromebook computer.

Chromebooks are easy to use

Because Chrome OS was created for how we use computers today. You’ll find using one very easy. It’s much easier to use a Chromebook than it is to use a Microsoft computer. If you own a mobile phone or tablet, then you’ll find using a Chromebook very similar. The main difference is you have a keyboard and trackpad. You also have a lot more functionality using a Chromebook compared to a phone or tablet.

This is one of the reasons why Chromebooks are now extremely popular in education. Because they are easy to use and offer all the functionality pupils need. Chromebooks are now used in more educational settings in the USA than any other type of computer. This is slowly becoming the case in the UK and Europe.

Chromebooks are secure

Although I’m sure most of us would agree the internet is a great thing. After all, it has changed how most of us live. One thing that has escalated because of this is computer viruses. Whether they are viruses that install locally or malware, which has been created to steal your information. Nobody would be happy knowing they have a computer that is infected with a virus.

The great news is Chrome OS is extremely secure compared to any other type of computer made for the consumer. This is thanks to Google building Chrome OS from the ground up. One of the key selling points of Chrome OS is that it’s secure. Therefore, Google takes security very seriously indeed.

There are many ways that Google has managed to do this. This includes verified boot, sandboxing, and regular Chrome OS updates that happen every four weeks. If you want to find out more, you may be interested in why Chromebooks are 100% secure. Because Google takes care of security for you there is no need to buy separate virus protection software.

Chromebooks are fast

Another great advantage of using a Chromebook or Chromebox is how fast they are. If you’ve used any other type of computer you’ll know how frustrating it can be when they grind to a halt. I’ve been using Chromebooks since 2011, and I can honestly say I’ve never experienced issues around speed.

Again, this is because Chrome OS has been designed from the ground up. Having the ability to design an operating system from scratch means Google has managed to create an operating system that works. You’ll not experience any long delays when booting up your computer. In fact, a Chromebook will boot up and be ready to use in less than ten seconds.

You’ll not experience any lag when opening apps and the internet browser. As soon as you’re on the desktop it is ready to use. This is something that you’ll appreciate hugely if you’ve experienced how slow computers using other operating systems can be.