Chrome OS Devices

If you’re interested in buying a Chromebook or looking for an upgrade. Then you may find this list of Chromebooks helpful. It’s not a list of all the Chromebooks ever made. However, you’ll find Chromebooks that are currently available or were available to buy when adding to this list. Each Chromebook has been broken down by manufacturer to help you navigate this page. You’ll find a link for each device, which will take you to another page where you’ll be able to find out more about the specs the Chromebook offers.

I’ve categorised the Chromebooks into specification type. Ranging from budget, medium and high spec. A Chromebook listed as a budget laptop does not mean it’s not a good Chromebook. It simply means the specs used are what you’d typically see on a budget laptop. You can find some great budget Chromebooks, as they are more about offering a laptop at a decent price. Medium-spec Chromebooks offer a little more to help you make the most out of Chrome OS. High-spec Chromebooks offer the very best in specs, but they are usually a lot more expensive.


There are many manufacturers to choose from when buying a Chromebook. Below you’ll find the most popular manufacturers that sell Chromebooks both in the UK and USA.


Acer 311 C722Budget Spec
Acer Spin 311Budget Spec
Acer 514 (CB514-1H)Budget Spec
Acer 514 (CB514-1HT)Budget Spec
Acer CB315 (CB315-3HT)Budget Spec
Acer Spin 13High Spec
Acer Spin 713High Spec


Asus C302Medium spec
Asus C425Medium Spec
Asus C433Medium spec
Asus C434Medium spec
Asus C436High Spec


Google Pixelbook GoMedium/High Spec


HP 14a (14a-na504sa)
HP x 360 (da0xxxna)


Lenovo Ideapad DuetBudget Spec
Lenovo Ideapad 3i (11.6-inch)Budget Spec
Lenovo Ideapad 3i (14-inch)Budge Spec
Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5iMedium-Spec