Chrome OS and Pixelbook challenge Apple MacBook Pro

A few years ago it would have been unheard of and you would have been branded as crazy. However, it’s official that Chrome OS and Pixelbook challenge Apple MacBook Pro.

The rise of the Chromebook

When the Chromebook was first released in 2011 it’s fair to say it did not get a very good reception from the consumer and the experts alike. This was mainly due to the fact that Chromebooks did not install programs and you needed to have a direct link to the internet to take advantage of a Chromebook.

This was a big challenge for Google because they found it hard to get buy-in from the public and the tech industry. However, the mistake was to think that Google had got it wrong. Fast forward seven years and it’s clear to see the vision Google had for the Chromebook was right.

The idea of people working on a computer needing an internet connection seven years ago was extreme. Today, more and more people around the world have access to the internet. Whether they are in their home or out and about, having access to the internet is no longer considered a luxury.

Chrome OS is the power behind the Chromebook

As the title of the article suggests ‘Chrome OS and Pixelbook challenge Apple MacBook Pro’. It’s not enough to bring to market great hardware. To be successful in the technical world you also need to have great software.

Chrome OS has come a long way since it was originally created for the Chromebook computer. Since then Chromebooks have also become convertibles. This means they can be used as a Chromebook and tablet in an all-in-one device. This was not an easy task because getting an operating system that works seamlessly with a keyboard and mouse, but also with a touchscreen is not easy.

However, with the launch of the best Chromebook to date ‘The Google Pixelbook’, read the Google Pixelbook Chromebook review for more information. Together with the latest Chrome OS update ‘Chrome OS 70’. Google has managed to launch into the market a Chromebook that can challenge the Apple MacBook Pro.

Great future for the Chromebook and Chrome OS

This shows there is a great future for the Chromebook and Chrome OS. It’s highly unlikely we’ll see the end of either anytime soon. Also, when you consider it looks like Google have plans to make future tablets run on Chrome OS instead of Android. This only shows the future for Chrome OS and the Chromebook is a bright one.