Chrome OS 98 update now shows your Google calendar events

A few weeks ago I showed you how you can access a calendar on Chrome OS. This is great news because it was something that was missing for some time. Once you’ve enabled the Chrome OS flag you can access the calendar by clicking on the time and date at the bottom right of your desktop.

If you’ve not yet added a calendar and would like to know how to do this. Then have a read of my article on how to add a calendar in Chrome OS. To get the calendar you need to enable a Chrome OS flag. These can be enabled from the stable channel, so you don’t need to mess about going into developer mode to use them.

Although it’s great we can now use a calendar in Chrome OS. Something that was missing was the ability to see your Google Calendar events. The great news is thanks to the Chrome OS 98 update. Your Google calendar events now show up on your Chrome OS calendar.

Chrome OS calendar will improve over time

It’s worth remembering the Chrome OS calendar has not yet been officially launched on the stable channel. This is why you need to enable the functionality by using a flag. This means we should not expect everything to be perfect when using the calendar.

It’s good to see Chrome OS 98 now shows your Google diary events, which you can now see directly from the calendar on your Chrome OS desktop. This shows the Chrome OS team are still working on adding extra functionality to improve the calendar before it’s officially launched without the need for a flag.

Improvements still needed

One thing I have noticed is that your Google entries do not show on your Chrome OS calendar in chronological order. Instead of showing events according to when they occur. It appears the events show in the order that you added them to your Google calendar.

This is something that will obviously need to be worked on and I’m sure we’ll see this fixed before any official launch.


Although further improvements are needed before the calendar can be rolled out without the need for a flag. It’s great to see your Google events now show up on your Chrome OS calendar.

This means there will be less of a need to access your Google calendar when you need to check for upcoming events. Being able to check this directly from your Chromebook desktop is excellent, and will greatly improve your productivity.