Chrome OS 96 has not yet been released for the Chromebook

You could argue Chrome OS 96 is a big thing when it comes to Chrome OS updates. Perhaps not for me and you, but in terms of Google, it’s pretty big. This is because it’s the first time that it will update every four weeks to match Chrome browser updates.

The whole idea of Chrome OS 96 is to get it in sync with the Chrome browser. Meaning when the Chrome browser 96 update happens the Chrome OS 96 update happens at the same time. To do this they first had to deal with a couple of things that would make this impossible in the long term.

Firstly, Chrome OS 96 was two version numbers behind. Secondly, Chrome OS updates take place every six weeks where the browser gets updated every four weeks. Making it impossible for the two to stay in sync.

Getting Chrome OS in sync

To get the two in sync Google decided they would skip Chrome OS 95. That’s right, if you’re running Chrome OS 94 on your Chromebook don’t expect a Chrome OS 95. It will skip straight onto 96.

The second fix to get the two software packages in sync was for Chrome OS to start receiving updates every four weeks. This is great news for Chromebook owners because it means we’ll receive updates more regularly. Doing both of these things will allow Google to release Chrome browser 96 and Chrome OS 96 at the same time.

Now that both will be updated every four weeks. In the future when the Chrome browser gets an update your Chromebook will also receive an OS update. It’s a good move because it removes any confusion, and makes it much easier for Google to manage just one update. It’s also to help with the separation of the browser from Chrome OS that is happening in 2022.

Chrome OS 96 delayed

This may explain why we’ve not yet seen Chrome OS 96 rolled out to many Chromebooks. You would imagine it would be a relatively simple task of getting both the OS and browser to be in sync. However, I’m sure there is lots of different code that needs to be addressed first.

It appears nobody is too sure about any specific reasons for the delay according to this article I’ve read from About Chromebooks. This leads me to believe there may be many reasons why the rollout of OS 96 has not yet taken place.

We’ll most likely see Chrome OS 96 be rolled out to specific Chromebooks first. A more phased rollout, which will most likely mean some people will get the update whilst others will have to wait for a little.

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