Chrome OS 70 to be installed on most Chromebooks

The latest Chrome OS 70 to be installed on most Chromebooks within the next twenty days according to Google. The latest Chrome OS update tackles a lot of the problems the Chrome OS had when operating your Chromebook in tablet mode.

The previous versions of Chrome OS were lacking in usability when using your Chromebook as a tablet and the latest update is set to fix all of these issues.

Chrome OS 70 launch in time for the Pixel Slate

It’s no coincidence that the update is happening at the same time Google is releasing the Pixel Slate. The Pixel Slate is the first tablet from Google to run on Chrome OS. Previous tablets from Google and other manufacturers ran on the Android operating system.

The only other tablet to date to run on Chrome OS was the Acer Chromebook Tab 10. It was apparent after the launch of the Acer Tab 10 that the Chrome OS operating system needed some serious work before being suitable for tablets. Anyone using Chrome OS with a Chromebook has already enjoyed using a tablet with Chrome OS, but any lack of usability was not so dramatic, as the devices could also be used as Chromebook laptops.

This shows, again, that Google is looking to move away from the Android operating system for tablets and move them over to Chrome OS. This is great news because Chrome OS is superior to Android in every way.

Chrome OS 70 needed to compete with Apple iPad Pro

One of the main reasons for Google launching the Pixel Slate on Chrome OS is to compete directly with the Apple iPad Pro. At the moment, it’s too early to say whether tablets running on Chrome OS will be successful at this, but from the data available it looks like this will definitely be the case.

Great news for most Chromebook owners

The new Chrome OS 70 update is a huge update for the Chromebook, which you can tell by how long it takes to install. Most Chromebook updates take around 30 seconds, but the Chrome OS 70, depending on your Chromebook can take a few minutes to install.

Google confirmed most Chromebooks will be able to install the Chrome OS 70, so it’s unclear at the moment which Chromebooks will lose out on the update. If it does end up with your Chromebook not being suitable for the latest Chrome OS, then it’s possibly time to consider purchasing a new Chromebook.