Chrome OS 101 brings new slicker booting screen

I now use my Pixelbook Go on a daily basis to write blog posts. The main reason for this is that the Pixelbook Go keyboard is so amazing. I simply cannot describe how good the keyboard is to any other laptop I’ve ever used.

I keep my Pixelbook Go on the stable channel, so I don’t have to worry about anything going wrong. This is totally different from my Asus CX5 Chromebook, which I keep constantly in the developer channel. I do this so I can try and keep on top of all the new functionality that the Chrome OS team continues to deliver.

For the last month or so I’ve been much happier turning on my Asus CX5 than my Pixelbook Go. This is because my CX5 has had a much sexier booting screen than the typical boot screen we’re presented with on the stable channel.

Chrome OS 101 brings a more sophisticated boot screen

The boot screen that we are presented with on a daily basis is a bright white background with the Chrome OS logo in the middle of the display. This is the boot screen we’ve been used to seeing for some time now.

When I first saw the new darker sophisticated boot screen that you’ll now see when Chrome OS 101 rolls out to your Chromebook. The change now shows a black background and a white Chrome OS logo. It may sound like a small change but it provides a much sexier, slicker sophisticated boot screen.

The old Chrome OS boot screen was getting dated
The old Chrome OS boot screen with white background and coloured logo

I don’t think we can underestimate the difference this will have each time we use our Chromebooks. Instead of being presented with a bright white screen, which isn’t great first thing in the morning. The black display with the white Chrome OS logo is far less severe on your eyes.

I much prefer the new Chrome OS boot screen

It’s really strange if we take a look at where we’ve gone in the last ten years. I remember the days when company logos were all about added extras. Whether that was adding a glow or shading to text or shapes that were in bright colour.

New Chrome OS boot screen is more sophisticated
New Chrome OS boot screen is seen on Chrome OS 101

In the last five years, we’ve seen a total change where less is more. Just take a look at your favourite companies around the world, and you’ll see how many have followed this minimalist look.

The new Chrome OS boot screen not only looks better because it has a black background. The team could have easily continued to use a coloured Chrome OS logo. However, I’m sure you will agree the white logo they have gone with is much cooler and slicker to look at on a daily basis.

The new boot screen suits the future of Chrome OS

The new boot screen also makes you feel like you’re dealing with a serious performing computer. Previously I did not really take much notice of the white boot screen we have all got used to. It wasn’t until I saw the new darker boot screen that I immediately felt like I was dealing with a more serious and sophisticated computer.

It’s strange how a slightly different design and colour can trick your brain into certain thinking. I’m sure you will like the new boot screen as much as I do. If you’ve not yet seen it on your Chromebook it’s most likely you’re still using Chrome OS 100. Once your Chromebook gets the latest Chrome OS 101 update. You’ll have a brand new boot screen to admire each time you turn on your Chrome OS device.

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3 thoughts on “Chrome OS 101 brings new slicker booting screen”

  1. Thanks for the explanation about the ‘Lacros’ system that is coming to our Chromebooks in the near future. After the 101 update, I liked the new boot screen. I figured Google had separated the chrome browser from the chrome operating system because of the less colorful icon. I have the Asus CX5 as well and I love it. Got it from Best Buy. I use it for streaming, research and some social media accounts. I don’t use many of the features that it has. I went from years on Windows to a Chromebook for the security of it. This is my 4th one. I had HP G5, Acer 14, Acer 715 and then wanted the CX5 mainly for the sound system on it. Surround Sound on a Chromebook/laptop.

    • Thanks. I like the Asus CX5 but I get intermittent speaker issues. Unfortunately, I did not do anything about it and now it has passed any dates to send back. I’m hoping further updates will fix the issue.

      Lacros is great and is just what we needed for Chrome OS. I know I’ll still want to use my Pixelbook Go after the AUE Date because I love it. Lacros will make this possible.

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