Asus C423 14 inch Chromebook review

Asus C423 Chromebook

Asus has been making Chromebooks for many years, so it’s fair to say they know what they are doing. The experience Asus has is clear to see with the Asus C423. It’s an excellent budget laptop and is capable of running Android Apps. Chromebooks have become more and more popular over the years, so the … Read more

Dell Inspiron Chromebook 11 Laptop

Dell Inspiron 11 Chromebook

The Dell Inspiron 11 is a sexy looking Chromebook thanks to its all-over black finish and super thin design. It’s suitable for anyone who wants a Chromebook to use on the move. It’s so small you’ll hardly notice you’re carrying it around with you, which is just what you want from a portable laptop. The … Read more

HP Chromebook 14 G5 laptop

HP Chromebook 14 G5

The HP Chromebook 14 G5 is one of the latest Chromebooks launched by HP. It was launched at the same time the smaller HP Chromebook 11 was released. Let’s take a closer look to see what this Chromebook has to offer. The HP Chromebook 14 G5 Design The HP Chromebook 14 G5 looks like any other … Read more

HP Chromebook 11 G5 laptop

HP Chromebook 11 G5

The HP Chromebook 11 G5 is the fifth generation Chromebook laptop from HP. It was launched at the same time of its bigger HP Chromebook 14 version. It’s a perfect Chromebook for students or anyone who needs a laptop that is ideal for people on the move. This is thanks to its small slim design, … Read more

Acer R11 Chromebook Review

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The Acer R11 Chromebook is not the newest of Chromebooks. It’s been available for a couple of years. However, it’s still a big seller, so why is this? The Acer Chromebook R11 is great value for money, so it suits anyone who wants to buy a Chromebook on a budget. The design of the Acer … Read more

Google Pixelbook Chromebook review

Google Pixelbook Review

The Google Pixelbook is Google’s flagship Chromebook showing the world just how great a Chromebook can be. Replacing the Chromebook Pixel, the Pixelbook fixes any of the doubts about the Chromebooks future. What makes the Pixelbook so special is how Google has managed to produce a laptop that can compete with any laptop on the … Read more