HP x360 14c Chromebook review

HP x360C Chromebook on offer for $449 at Best Buy

There has been a lot of new Chromebooks from HP recently. So many in fact it can be pretty confusing to differentiate one from the other. The HP x 360 14c is the direct replacement to the much loved original HP x360 laptop. I loved the original HP x 360 Chromebook because it offered so … Read more

Acer Chromebook 314 CB314 Chromebook Review

Acer 314 CB314 Chromebook

Acer is a very well known brand and have been making computers since I can remember. In fact, even before I was born, so I think we can safely say they know what they are doing. They’ve also managed to carve themselves a nice little slice of the Chromebook market. They make some cracking Chromebook … Read more

Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 Chromebook review

Lenovo Ideapad Flex 5 Chromebook review

If you were considering buying a Chromebook a few years ago. You’d find it pretty hard to find one made by Lenovo. Fast forward to today and this is no longer the case. Lenovo has released a lot of Chromebooks in a short amount of time. The great news is they’re pretty decent as well. … Read more

How to unblock your phone with a PUK code

Most of us use a PIN code or other security measure on our mobile phones. This stops anyone being able to use your phone should you lose it or leave it in a place where others can access it. This is, of course, something everyone should do. If you are unfortunate enough to lose your … Read more

How to unlock your phone to use on a different network

When you take out a monthly phone contract you’re paying for your phone over a certain period. Most monthly phone contracts are either 18 or 24 months in length. Network providers lock your phone to their network during your contract. They do this because until you’ve finished your contract. You do not officially own the … Read more