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Teclast P20HD 10.1-inch Android Tablet Review

Telcast P20HD android tablet review

When it comes to buying an Android tablet I’m sure you’ve heard of the big names such as Samsung. They are well known for making great Android tablets. What you may not be so familiar with are tablets made by manufacturers which are less well known. In this article, I’ll be reviewing the Teclast P20 … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review – It’s a great tablet

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 review

When it comes to Android tablets one of the best manufacturers is Samsung. They’ve been making Android tablets for many years and is the Android alternative to Apple. You do of course get other manufacturers making Android tablets, but none of them can compete with what Samsung offer. We’ve got a lot to thank Samsung … Read more

HP 15b 15.6-inch Chromebook review

HP 15B Chromebook review

Most Chromebooks come with a display of 14-inches or less. There is only a handful that offers a display larger than this. What’s even more uncommon is a Chromebook that has a separate numerical keypad. This is the first thing you’ll notice with the HP 15b Chromebook. It offers a full keyboard with a separate … Read more

HP x360 14c Chromebook review

HP x360C Chromebook on offer for $449 at Best Buy

There has been a lot of new Chromebooks from HP recently. So many in fact it can be pretty confusing to differentiate one from the other. The HP x 360 14c is the direct replacement to the much loved original HP x360 laptop. I loved the original HP x 360 Chromebook because it offered so … Read more