Acer 714 CB714-1W Chromebook review

Acer 714 Chromebook review

If you’re looking to buy a Chromebook in 2020 one thing you’ll notice is you have a lot more choice compared to what was available just a couple of years ago. This is great news for anyone on the lookout for a laptop running the Chrome OS operating system. One manufacturer who makes pretty decent … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A41 vs Galaxy A71 – Phone Comparison

Samsung Galaxy A41 vs A71 - Phone Comparison

Choosing a mobile phone can be difficult because you have so much choice. One manufacturer known for making great phones is Samsung. Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen many people move away from high-priced phones in favour of mid-priced phones. You’re essentially getting the best of both worlds when you buy a mid-priced … Read more

Samsung Galaxy A71 Review

Samsung Galaxy A71 review

When it comes to buying a mobile phone you get three different types of people. You get the type who wants nothing but the very best with money no object approach. On the other end of the scale, you’ll get someone who wants the cheapest phone you can buy, and who is not too fussed … Read more

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Tablet Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 Android tablet review

When it comes to Android tablets one of the best manufacturers is without question Samsung. They’ve been making tablets and phones for many years. The Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 is a budget tablet from this well-known manufacturer, so is it worth buying? Let’s find out in this Samsung Galaxy Tab A8 review. As you’d expect … Read more

Blackview Tab 8 Android Tablet Review

Blackview Tab 8 Android tablet review

I think I need to eat my words when it comes to Android tablets. Yes, well-known manufacturers such as Samsung make fantastic tablets, but this does not mean less well-known manufactures cannot offer decent quality tablets. I’ve written a blog post about a year ago about how there are certain risks to buying a tablet … Read more